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By Popular Demand :: A List of DSH Perfumes {as of January, 2019} in alphabetical order

We’ve recently had a slew of requests to see a database or listing of all of our current offerings* {Perfumes} by name.  You asked for it, so here you go:


***The Delicious List*** of DSH Perfumes (as of 1, 2019)





Albino (A Study in White)



American Beauty


Amouse Bouche

Ancient Air (Accord)




Aqua Admirablis



Arabian Rose

Arome d’Egypte


Au Lait


Axis Mundi


Bakul Medjool


Beach Blanket

Beach Roses

Become the Shaman

Bermuda Lyme


Blue-Green: Arnica

Bodhi Sativa

Bois du Chocolat

Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon Vanilla Intense


Burnt Sugar Vanilla

Butterfly Nectar


Cafe Noir


Caravan Spice

Cardamom & Khyphi


Celadon: A Velvet Green

Chataignes du Bois

China Musk

China Rain




Coffee Absolute


Cuir et Champignon



Dark Moon


Deco Diamonds

Dirty Rose

Divine Gardens


Eau Cerise

Eau de Fleurs d’Oranger du Roi

Eau de Trianon

Egyptian Shalimar

en Vacances

Épices d’Hiver



Euphorisme d’Opium

Evolution Musk



Figue Interdite


Fire Opal


Fleurs d’Oranger

Fleurs du Soleil

For the Groom

Fou d’Opium


French Lily

French Linden Blossom (Accord)

Fumée d’Or


Gardenia Essense

Gekkou Hanami


Giverny in Bloom




Hand of Buddha

Hansa Yellow

Hanukah Cannelle


Hippie Chic


il Marinario da Capri

I Love You, Mary Jane



Inner Sanctum




Jacinthe de Sapphir

Je Suis la Lune


Jitterbug for Men

June Bride




Kohl Gris


La Danse des Bleus et des Violettes

La Fete Nouvelle

la Plage

La Reine des Fleurs


La Vie en Rose


Le Jardin Vert


Le Smoking

Les Petites

l’Etole de Vison

Lift Off

Ligne Trapeze

Lilas de Minuit


Lis Oriental

Little Smile

L’Opera des Rouges et des Roses




Ma Folie de Noel

Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour


Marc (LE)

Mars Violet


Mata Hari




Memory & Desire no.1

Menthe Moderne





Mountain Sage

Muguet Cologne

Musc al Madina

Musc Eau Naturale (LE)

Mysore Sandalwood


Noel Enchanté

No.2 (Pencil Shavings)



Oeillets Rouges


Oude Arabique


Padme Lotus




Parfum de Grasse

Parfum de Luxe

Parma Violet

Passport a’ Paris


Piment et Chocolat

Pink Gardenia







Pretty & Pink




Quinacridone Violet





Reveries de Paris (LE)

Rocky Mountain High

Rose Vert


Rubis Rosé



Saving Grace


Scent of Hope

Seve de Pin



Silver Fir


Smudge Nebula

Something Blue


Sophie (LE)

Souvenir de Malmaison

Special Formula X

Special Formula X-treme

St. Valentine

Sud de France

Summer Garden

Sunny Yellow

Susinon / 1,000 Lilies

Sweet Dreams


Taj Garden

The Beat Look

The Color Orange

The Green House

Thé Vert

The Voices of Trees

Three Kings





Tunisian Amber

Twelfth Night


Ultramarine Blue

Umber: bois de rose

Un Soir d’été Provençal

Uptown Moonshine


Vanilla Chantilly


Vanille Botanique

Venus & Cupid

Vers la Violette

Vert et Noir

Verte pour Madame



Vintage Patchouly



Wasabi Shiso


Wedding Bouquet

White Lilac

Wild Fig

Wild Honeysuckle

Winter White




Zeitgeist 55



*This list excludes fragrances that are being discontinued or are very limited editions (such as our Heirloom Elixir fragrances).  An archive page with the list of all Heirloom Elixir editions will be coming soon.

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YEAH!! 🙂

It’s that time again… to say a HUGE Thank You to our incredible clients!  We couldn’t be creative and expressive with you! <3

So, to give back here’s our biggest SALE of the Year: 20% off site wide (*except Scent of Hope) through January 7, 2019!  That’s right!  You can get all of the Holiday gifts you need and even treat yourself along the way.  Use coupon code:  sparkle2018    as many times as you like.

Enjoy!  With gratitude and love~

from all of us at DSH Perfumes, Happiest Holidays and a Wonderful New Year~

Dawn, Edwin, Mary, Amber, Tamara, Brigid, and Margot


ps: And if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, you can check out the latest issue here.


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Introducing :: the HEIRLOOM ELIXIR collection & the first edition: Essenza dell’Ibisco

The initial spark of inspiration for the perfume that became Essenza dell’Ibisco came as a flash of vibrant color while on a trip to Italy in 2003. We had been staying in Venice (my favorite place!) and were visiting Murano and Burano. I was struck by the wonderful colors…the combinations one against another; each revealing a new beauty from the juxtaposition. I noticed it first with the buildings on the islands: orange then bright pink. Again in the gardens, and again in a blown glass gallery, and once again a glorious fabric shop filled with silk scarves. I loved the vibration; the energy and excitement of the two colors together. It was happening: a perfume “feeling” was forming. Something lush, rich, opulent, and maybe a bit over the top. We visited another garden thick with hibiscus flowers and there it was again: those COLORS! Bees were buzzing everywhere, swooning as they dipped into the calyx of the flowers coming out dazed and covered in sensuous pollen. I knew this was it.







Although hibiscus flowers have a scent (and flavor), the flowers are rarely used in making perfume. The idea to create a fantasy fragrance based on the visual experience of hibiscus flowers and their intense colors came rushing in. I felt immediately that tuberose should be the focal note and to build a perfume out of its intensity and multifacted-ness. To balance the feeling with the visual imagery and the intense emotion that came, it seemed perfect to work in beeswax and ambrette seed (botanical ‘animalics’) to bring the magical creatures into the design, as well as the luscious sensuality of stone fruit (apricot, peach, and plum). The final key that made the entire design balance perfectly was the addition of rare boronia absolute. Its fruity – freesia – floral multiplicity gave support to all of the other parts within the design.

We originally launched Essenza dell’Ibisco in 2006 as a part of our “Italian Journey” series of limited editions. We stopped producing the edition in 2010 when a number of the materials in the design became scarce or completely unavailable. Fast forward to today, and I am thrilled beyond belief to re-introduce Essenza dell’Ibisco, with some slight re-formulations to make it all come together again. (And yes, we did source some wonderful boronia to perfect this version). In today’s niche fragrance climate, with so much interest in tuberose perfumes and unusual ways of expressing it, I think that Essenza dell’Ibisco will have an entirely new life. I, for one, am delighted to wear this beauty once again.



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Summer Naturals :: New all botanical designs

It’s no surprise that when Summer rolls around my mind and body head straight out to the garden… to dig in the dirt and commune with nature, but also to find inspiration.  I love the herbs, the glorious flowers, the tomatoes… the entire concert of fragrances and feelings that wash over me.

So, for this late summer season of releases I had a series of naturals in mind.  It’s been a little while since I’ve had occasion to give in to my urge to work in the all -natural palette and as I started working in a few different directions, a number of designs all came together at once… to make up what is now being released for you right now.


Les Fruits Defendus  – part 1

Let’s start here, since I have been working on this concept and some of these perfume designs the longest.   For some time I’ve had it swimming around in my psyche to design around the idea of “forbidden fruits” as I take a lot of inspiration from dreams and perceptions I have about the ancients.  I wonder about their world, the myths and philosophies that come to us from earlier times, and how can experience it in our time and place.  Touching the forbidden is always alluring as well; fascinating and wonderfully naughty.  I like this.

As I began to research what exactly is meant by forbidden fruits I was surprised and delighted to find out that there are many fruits on the list for various reasons.  This sparked my interest even more, and what I thought would be just a handful of designs will now be presented in 3 parts; each with 3 fragrances.

I present to you part 1:   Figue Interdite, Bakul Medjool, and Eau Cerise.  ( click on the links to learn about each perfume ).  Bon Apetit!






Summer Cologne

You all may have guessed how much I adore the cologne / eau fraiche style of perfume… especially for summer.  I never tire of the citrus / leafy green / neroli  dynamic but I have to say that I’m also always searching for something new… some new way to approach it, new materials, new inspirations.  For Summer Cologne I must give credit where credit is due and thank YOU, my dear clients for speaking up and asking for a fresh, green tomato / all botanical *cologne.  In creating this for you I got to have so much fun!  As well as frolic in my garden, testing and experimenting with my tomato plants.  To, me this truly is the epitome of “Summer in a Bottle”.   (*  It’s in the “cologne style” but the concentration of Summer Cologne is much more saturated than is traditional; it’s eau de parfum strength).



Lis Oriental


People often ask me is I am inspired to make a perfume just from a material that comes across my horizon and most often the answer is no.  While I truly love all of my materials and I find some so intrinsically beautiful that I practically swoon, I don’t usually smell and material and start thinking of the fragrance I would like to design around it.  My mind doesn’t usually work this way.   Lis Oriental is the exception.

Many of you may know that there is no essential oil / absolute / co2 extraction for lily; neither muguet (lily of the valley) nor larger lily types.  Lily perfumes are always constructed and usually made synthetic molecules.  Until now.  There is a French company creating wonderful isolated molecules and unique extractions of botanical materials and it is one such extraction that started my inspiration to create an all-botanical Lily fragrance.  But it wasn’t just this material, called Lisylang, which stole my heart.  Almost simultaneously to encountering Lisylang, I came across a medicinal essential oil whose colloquial  name is ‘Gingerlily’.  It does smell ginger-y but a lot less lily-like than the name would imply.  I was intrigued.  Then I came across a palm essential oil from Madagascar which also piqued my interest.  On its own it’s a little strange… but I could see that it had an interesting humid facet and also had a ‘pithy’, fibrous green quality that might enhance an exotic perfume that might be in danger of getting too sweet or over powering.

I decided to go for a truly tropical, exotic “Eastern Lily”, all botanical perfume.  I don’t think it’s been done before; if it has, I don’t know about it.  Plus, I love a challenge.  🙂

What came is Lis Oriental, a mix of sensory impressions from the stargazer, casablanca, and madonna lilies.  It’s spicy, humid, lush, and rich with, for me, a wonderful pop of green in the topnote which keep this perfume from getting out of control.  It’s filled with unusual naturals that I rarely get to employ in a perfume.  I hope that you’ll love it as I do! <3





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Hello, Hello again :: Paper•White and Musc Eau Natural

Say hello to something really new: the scent of a ‘paper’ flower.  Paper• White.  It’s actually a bit of a play on words as the colloquial name of narcissus papyraceus is paper white… but this narcissus fragrance is so much more.  Designed around actual paper narcissus flowers (created for DSH by the amazing paper artist *Susie Baird) and dried ‘paper’ flower sculptures created by Dawn, the scent truly smells of bright, fresh, Springtime narcissus flowers and paper.
It’s delicate and yet has strength; angelic beauty and a devilish side.  And although it’s launch comes right along with Mother’s Day, it’s amazing on men’s skin.

We’re also delighted to present the first review of Paper•White (even before its official launch! 🙂  Thank you CaFleureBon!  <3

Another rarity is back for a limited time only :: Musc Eau Natural

We’ve made a new batch of the much requested and highly sought after Musc Eau Natural, specifically for Dawn’s recent talk given at the Experimental Scent Summit, London, founded by the Institute of Art and Olfaction.   This is a super exciting moment for anyone who loves an all botanical musk fragrance and something really unique.  There’s really no other perfume quite like it (even among DSH’s extensive collection of designs!).  There’s a limited amount so do get it while you can!   (You can check out Dawn’s DSH Notebook Blog posts to learn all about the original project that inspired the creation of this rare and gorgeous fragrance).

Be sure to sign up for the DSH Perfumes Newsletter to get the scoop on all that’s new at the studio, sales, and contests!

*You can follow the work of paper artist Susie Baird on her Instagram account.



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DSH Perfumes first releases of 2018: three new fragrances inspired by the Moon, Moonlight, and the Night Sky.

1  Shimotsuki  (Frosty Moon)


snow shimmering night

reflections, white on to white

frosty edged, moonlight.

(haiku no.4;  Japan :: Moonlight series)


Shimotsuki (pronounced: Shim-o-ski) is the final expression of the “moonlight series”, as seen through the Japanese aesthetic lens.  This design is meant to express winter, yes, but more importantly, the color, light, and feel of the full moon reflecting bright light onto fresh snow, in the dark, cold night.

Shimotsuki, like the other fragrances in this first haiku series,  takes the concept and esoteric meaning of ‘snow’ and ‘moon’ and expresses it in a contrasting, frosty opening note that develops into a soft, warm, and cashmere-like aroma suffused with classic Japanese cultural / aromatic references:  Yuzu, Seaweed, Mugwort, Hinoki, Rice, and of course, a subtle blossom: Hawthorn.  The fragrance is filled with a continuous sense of diffuse white, glowing light but as the night sky breaks to dawn, the new day brings forth a subtle warmth from within.  Notes of Orris, Sandalwood, and White Musk leave a silver-edged silky feel as the fragrance dries down.



2   Je Suis La Lune   (I am the Moon)

The moon is a never ending source of inspiration… to artists, writers, musicians, lovers, and it would seem, perfumers.  Je Suis La Lune, is another interesting take on expressing the moon or moonlight in fragrant terms, this time using one of the most famous nocturnal flowers: Jasmine.

“I have wanted to create some jasmine soliflores for some time”, says Perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, “but was looking for just the right inspiration to speak to the different sides of this star of classic perfumery.  The Moon, and its pearly light, felt like the perfect object to focus on to create a round, creamy, non-indolic jasmine floral”.
The result is a simply beautiful, quite tropical, jasmine soliflore with nuances of fruit, flower, milk, and spice.  There are even fragrance facets that speak to the famous California star jasmine, with its delicious gourmand spice qualities.  To wear this jasmine is to indeed say “ I am the Moon”.


3   Lilas de Minuit   (Midnight Lilac)


Lilas de Minuit is the second fragrance release in the newest series by DSH Perfumes: Flowers for Men.   Like the ‘honeysuckle for men’ (il Marinaio da Capri), Lilas de Minuit is based on a flower that is most often used in feminine fragrance designs: the lilac.  This time, DSH has turned her eyes (and nose) to the night sky to create a unique lilac, suffused with inky shadows, and the flowers’ narcotic spice tones that come out after dark.  Framed by a classic chypre (a nod to the early F. Coty design), Lilas de Minuit is both elegant, and sensuous.  It is the scent of a densely purple garden at midnight.


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Special Offering for Valentine’s Day :: the Venus & Cupid Limited Edition Extrait Presentation

How could we forget our beloveds on Valentine’s Day?   Of course, in the past we have offered you Roses, Violets, and Chocolates (and our unique St. Valentine perfume, which has all three in one <3 .  But this year, we have something so sensual and narcotic, yet sweet, and a little playful: A special offering of Venus and Cupid Perfume.



Did you forget about this gorgeous elixir taken straight from an ancient Mediterranean grotto?  Well, if so, we’re here to remind you: Ripe figs and fig leaves, succulent and sparkling grapes straight from the vine, gardens overflowing with orange blossoms, jasmine, and wisteria…  More than the bees are becoming intoxicated with this fragrance of LOVE and fecundity.


Celebrate love and romance on Valentine’s Day with Venus and Cupid <3




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DSH Perfumes :: Best of 2017

We are deeply honored to announce DSH Perfumes was among many reviewers and online magazines’ Best of 2017 Lists, and that Dawn was named “Most Passionate Perfumer of 2017” by

Enormous thank yous to:
Henrique Perilla of Perfumes do Dio for his choice of Onycha and Dark Moon;

Mark Behnke of Colognoisseur for his choice of Gekkou Hanami as his no.5 perfume of the year, and for making DSH Perfumes a runner-up for Brand of the Year among so many amazing brands;

Bernardo Borsé for choosing Habibi as his no.4 Artisan Perfume of the Year;

Samantha Scriven of I Scent You A Day for choosing French Lily among her Top Ten for 2017;

Erin of Now Smell This for her shout out for Tsukimi among her favorite indie works for 2017;

Elisa of Bois de Jasmine for choosing both Foxy and Habibi among her top perfumes for 2017;

Megan of Megan in Saint Maxime for choosing Foxy among her favorite perfumes of 2017;

and there is no way to miss thanking Michelyn Camen, Robert Hermann, Gail Gross, and Ida Meister of CaFleurebon for the honor of their choices of Il Marinaio da Capri, Habibi, and Foxy to be among their Top Ten perfumes of the Year.


To have DSH Perfumes considered among the Best of 2017, when there are so many new, and wonderful perfumes created each year, is more than amazing…  It means the world to us.  Thank you! ox


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The Annual Thank You / HOLIDAY SALE is ON!

It’s that time again: the Annual HOLIDAY THANK YOU SALE starts TODAY!
It’s hard to believe that the Holidays are right around the corner and we’re kicking off the season with some awesome promotions and of course, wonderful new fragrances to get you in the mood for the Holidays, and then some.

We’d like to take this time to say thank you for a making 2017 a spectacular year of creative design, and for all of the support and love you, our friends, family, and customers,  give to keep us going and filled with inspiration here at the studio.
With gratitude and joyful wishes,

Dawn, Mary, Amber, Edwin, and Xander


Yes, that’s right, our BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR will be on from Nov 24 , 2017 through Jan 9, 2018.

It’s just our way of saying thanks to all of our cherished customers by giving YOU a gift from us: 20% off site wide (and store wide at the Boulder Studio, The Essense Studio) with the exception of *Scent of Hope, but does include items on our On Sale page. 
You can use coupon code: snowflake2017 during checkout as many times as you like during the sale… so you can happily give DSH to all of your loved ones, and even find something special to give yourself.

And there’s more:

The * HOLIDAY GIFT with Purchase
We got so much positive feedback last year about our Special Formula X gift with purchase that we wondered how we could top it.

Let’s try this:
Starting on Black Friday, with every purchase of $25, you’ll receive a complimentary 2 oz Pomander Bath Tonic (a seasonal special and so perfectly warming & festive); $50 will receive a 4 oz Tunisian Amber Lotion (another awesomely unisex fan favorite); and with every purchase of $100 or more will receive a Perfection Collection Box.  They’ll make great gifts or stocking stuffers (for you or anyone on your list!) ~
You know, we’re just spreadin’ the love.

* until December 31, while supplies last.



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Autumnal Equinox :: September Newsletter 2017

Happy Autumn Equinox {weekend} !

It’s hard to believe that Fall is here already and that we’ll be heading into the cooler, longer nights of the season.  But always with these outer changes comes the inner shifts as well, and of course, new fragrances to get cozy and festive in.  We’re thrilled to share all that’s been happening here at the studio; with new designs, aromatherapies to give you calm, joy, and even some clearing, as well as some special items that have returned in our new series.  (And even a special offer, so do read on).

The newest in the Japan :: Moonlight series: 
{Moon Gazing}

Getting ready for sweater weather ?
Or just looking for something wonderfully cozy…  Tsukimi is that fabulous new scent.  It’s luminous… and glows from within with buttery woods, subtle spices, and a dry dusting of fig, and peach skin.

It’s really a new kind of gourmand with lovely food inspired notes, even fruits, that feels so satisfying and yet isn’t sweet like so many in the ‘foodie’ range.  The creamy woods are captivating and so delicately warming.  For me, it’s just the perfect Autumn scent that’s diffusive like moonlight and filled with the grateful energy of the harvest.


Introducing: the Retrograde Files

It’s really exciting to announce that we’ve created a new series called the Retrograde Files.  It’s not exactly new, as the name implies.  It’s a “looking back”, design wise, and seeing where the inspiration leads in delving into our own archives….so that we can re-imagine and re-work older scents that, for various reasons, had to be discontinued.  This practice started as an exercise, but has blossomed to become it’s own collection of sorts.

During the late summer months, a few perfumes called out to us and we’re happy to re-introduce them to you.

Fleurs du Soleil: Inspired by the intense heat of August and the increased interest in our most popular tropical florals, Gardenia and Tuberose, we immediately thought of Fleurs du Soleil.  It is a tropical, floral rainshower brimming with seductive lushness.  With notes of Hawaiian white ginger, pikake, gardenia, tuberose, and island lilies, this just might be every Hawaiian Lei gathered together in bottle.  Originally launched in 1998, we had lost our source for white ginger in 2003, so it was discontinued.  It’s back and more sultry than ever with some awesome new materials.

Aquamarine:  is a modern, aquatic musk scent that’s fresh, lightly citric, and very softly floral.  The ozone / marine, and ‘soapy’ elements are kept in check by soft woods to reveal a very easy-going and wearable unisex design.  This design was originally launched as “Turquoise Waters” way back in our Boston days…c.1994 (!)  It’s really fun to go back to these shimmering currents.

Un Robe de Zibeline:  As September rolled around and we looked to the cooler months in the Northern Hemisphere,  it seemed perfectly right to pull out our (metaphoric and scented)  ‘Sable Coat’… all luxurious and furry soft.  The changes we’ve made have been to re-imagine this design all the more animalic and vintage.  It’s now a true ‘Retro Nouveau’ with a super sexy spice oriental amber in the drydown.  Back in 2004, when the gourmand trend was in full swing, the original design leaned a bit more vanillic and spice oriented.  It’s certainly graduated to a whole new level of sophistication with this re-vision.

We encourage you to check out these beauties as well as the new “archives” listings where you can see other single note musk oils and soliflore scents that can be special ordered through the studio (either by email or by phone).

New Aromatherapy oils:
The Rescue Kit oils
Calm and Awake

Originally co-created in 2011 with our partners in Japan, Undulate Labs, in response to the Tsunami Crisis.  We hoped to create relief: for the emotional and physical body as well as to raise funds to help with the rebuilding.

Now, in this climate of uncertainty and fatigue, we felt that the ‘rescue kit’ botanicals would be a great offering to help in our own daily lives.

Awake encourages feeling uplifted, energized, and present in the moment.  It’s bright and invigorating scent is focusses on the essences of grapefruit, mint, may chang, lemon grass, ginger, sandalwood, and bergamot.

Calm encourages feeling relaxed, quieted, and centered.  The mellow and mildly herbal aroma is beautifuly relaxing from essences of sweet orange, chamomile, lavender, clary sage, benzoin, sandalwood, frankincense, and a soft touch of patchouli for a bit of extra grounding.  (And who doesn’t need that?)

There’s also a set of the two listed as the “Rescue Kit”.  It’s an amazing resource to have in your bag for travel, at the ready at your desk, and really, for any time.


Oh Yeah!
Smudge Nebula

It’s really kinda cool for us to be able to share some of the wonderful and creative designs that we have been making for the Japanese market over the past few years…. And Smudge Nebula is another of them (as are the Rescue Kit Aromatherapy oils).

Crossing space and many miles, an idea was co-created that would speak to both worlds: the dry dust of the Southwest US and the lush humidity of Japan with the purpose of combining the spiritual and aesthetic atmosphere of both to make a specialized ‘energy clearing’ spritz.
Use our Smudge Nebula for clearing rooms, blessings spaces, gems, pets, and people with one journey through the mist.

* Smudge Nebula contains natural fragrance, rosewater, sea salt, and spring water.


That’s all the news for now… but there’s still some incredible new work coming before the year’s end as well as our annual HOLIDAY / THANK YOU SALE, and some new show information for the ArtScent Museum
so keep an eye out for a couple more newsletters in 2017.

With love, and fragrant hugs~
Dawn & the DSH Team