Something I have noticed, as the world of Olfactory Art and Artisan Perfumery explodes and interest in Scent Culture is on the rise, there are more and more artists working away on their creative ideas in a vacuum. It’s very difficult, especially when first starting out, to learn to judge your own work or to find qualified feedback to help you grow as an artist.

Coming from the visual art world and having been an artisan / niche perfumer for nearly 30 years, as well as a teacher, I can’t underestimate the importance of the Critique. It’s important to have someone give you realistic, CONSTRUCTIVE* (helpful) feedback to develop your own voice, or to produce work that you feel is ‘successful’ (whether you define success in terms of commerciality, wearability, or artistic expression). Technique and structure will be addressed. Every artist can use critique to help them advance in their work.

To that end, I introduce the Critique service. My goal in providing Critique is simple: to give honest and helpful feedback based on where you are on on your artistic journey from a submitted example of your work.


*Constructive Criticism= no tearing the work apart or harshness in the criticism. If there are potential ‘problems’ in the work, they will be identified along with suggestions as to how to make the work more in line with the intention of the artist. The aim is to provide guidance toward achieving the intended goal; not to make a design in any particular preconceived style or to ‘my taste’. I will also offer suggestions for materials that might be better suited to the concept, if that is applicable. Often a new or more appropriate material choice can make a dramatic shift in terms of better expressing a given idea… and if you are new to the art form, you may not even know of the material’s existence.

I’m here to help. I wish for all artisans and olfactory artists to make their best work, and to feel that their ideas are well expressed and received. I want to help artists feel supported, to foster their artistic process, and help develop their unique voices. This is my greatest goal with Critique.

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