Smell and Tell


SMELL & TELL is DSH’s signature process of skin analysis and fragrance consultation. After applying her own “Special Formula X”, DSH will smell your skin as she tells you how fragrances tend to work with your skin and which fragrance families are best (and worst) based on her analysis. DSH will then proceed to demonstrate which of her numerous perfumes would be the best of the best for you based on your skin ‘type’, your lifestyle and fragrance preferences… so you can finally have a perfect fit! Through the SMELL & TELL process you will also find out why certain fragrances just don’t smell right on you and what would be the best scent style for your unique skin, regardless of the maker. SMELL & TELL is an amazingly fun, very personal and unique experience for both men or women.

COST: $75 per hour

PROCESS TIME: approx 1 hour (maybe less).

WHAT ABOUT GROUPS? : Yes, DSH can perform Smell and Tell consultations for small groups up to 3-4  people.  Groups are super fun and the cost is calculated after the first hour by increments of 15 minutes.  So, for example, it might take 2.5 hours to work with a party of 4.

You will need to make an appointment with DSH for all Smell and Tell consultations.  Please call the studio at 720.563.0344. to set one up.