Bespoke Signature Scent Design & the Essense Studio Lounge



The ESSENSE STUDIO LOUNGE is a custom, aromatic “cocktail bar” where you can play, experiment and really get creative finding fabulous new elixirs, perfumes, essence oils, sprays and organic body care products.

It’s time to have some FUN!

Here’s how it works:
1- Choose 1, 2, or 3 scents to be mixed to your personal liking.
2- Choose a product format: Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum spray, pure Oil Essence, or our Organic Body Lotion, Organic Body Wash or Organic Bath-Body-Massage Oil.
3- Think of the perfect name for your unique design– we will keep all cocktail formulations on file for easy reference for refills, gifts and mixing your scent into new product formats.

Here’s an easy guide to help you consider which notes to choose:
1-Basic scent design is based in Nature; all aromas range from light (refreshing) to dark (grounding) with some scents that tend toward the middle.  These aromas are called ‘notes’ with the lightest being ‘Topnotes’, the heaviest being ‘Basenotes’ and the middle notes called ‘Heart notes’.  When deciding on some scents to choose, consider one Topnote, one Heart note and one Basenote for a balanced scent or you may choose two notes of similar range depending on what ever your heart desires.

2- You may wish to create a scent based on it’s Family of Fragrance. These families describe it’s general aroma type (ie: Floral, Spicy, Woody, etc).
The Menu of Aromas lists the scents in our Lounge by their Family of Fragrance and note structure.

3- Pure aromatherapy oils (essential oils and absolutes) are available if you wish to create aromatherapy elixirs or if you prefer an all natural perfume.  The scent bottles are color coded: blue for aromatherapy grade oils, amber for natural – synthetic blends and clear bottles for synthetic oils.

Costs for products in the lounge vary from organic body products (starting at $27) to oil essences (starting at $65) to Eau des Parfum sprays (starting at $85).

*Call for your appointment at 1-720-563-0344.

** To work specifically with DSH in the Lounge does require an appointment and has a base cost of $150 per hour (this does not include the cost of products).



Work directly with renown Perfume Designer, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, to create your own signature perfume.  You will not only have the benefit of her extensive knowledge and experience as a Perfumer / Aromatherapist; Dawn has created perfumes for beloved celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Cher, and Steven Tyler.

Known in the fragrance industry as a creative perfumer with a special talent for intuiting each client’s unique desire through scent profiling, personal fragrance history and skin analysis, your Designer Original is sure to please.

Tier 1: (long distance / skype interview): $500    Includes a skype interview to create a bespoke client profile, and a 1 ounce (30 ml) Eau de Parfum spray.  By appointment only.  This service allows for any of DSH’s 1100 materials to be considered for the formulation; no material is off limits.

Tier 2: (Local / In Person)  $950 (which includes skin analysis, client interview / profile,  .25 ounce pure perfume  or  oil essence in French presentation Flacon and 1 ounce Eau de Parfum spray.  By appointment only.  Plan to spend at least 2.5 – 3 hours working with Dawn.   This service also allows for any of DSH’s 1100 materials to be considered for the formulation; no material is off limits.


NOTE: All Essense Studio Lounge and Designer Original formulas are kept on file FOREVER for easy refills and gift giving.