These are some of our most asked questions:


1) What is the difference between the product formats, such as Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Oil Essence, and the “Voile” formats?

All are created from a base oil essence, but all vary in the amount of base oil essence used in the formulation.
Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette are both alcohol based formats that make them sprayable.  EdP is a stronger version and has more base oil essence than the lighter EdT.
Our oil essences do not have the alcohol content of the EdP/ EdT format and many are 100% base oil and some are diluted for better ease of wear.

Our “Voiles” are IPM based, spray-able fragrance formats that use the same base oil essences and are the same concentrations as their comparable “Eaux” (alcohol based) formulations.  Therefore, the Voile de Parfum is the same concentration as the Eau de Parfum, and so on.  The only difference we have found when comparing ” Eaux ” vs. “Voiles” would be that the alcohol based “Eaux” tend to be brighter and mildly accentuate the top notes and the “Voiles” seem to hold a bit closer to the skin and mildly accentuate the base notes.

2) What product format lasts the best?

For most skin types, oil essences tend to last the longest as they are more concentrated and do not have the alcohol of EdP/EdT formats.  However, we have found that for dry skin, Eau de Parfum spray lasts the longest.
The best way to wear a fragrance for best sillage (diffusion into the air) and longevity is always to layer with a lotion of the same of similar scent and then apply your fragrance on top of it.  Even using an unscented lotion will create the best environment for fragrance on the skin.

3) Are your products cruelty free?  Are they vegan?

Yes, our products are cruelty free.  They are not tested on animals (only willing humans) and we make a point of partnering with companies who also pledge not to test on animals and are also cruelty free.  Any animal perfume materials that we use are also either cruelty free (such as beeswax absolute or hyrax / africa stone) or a botanical / synthetic equivalent note is used (ie: musk).

Many of our products are vegan; look in the notes list to see.  If honey, beeswax, hyrax / africa stone, or ambergris are listed, these would not be vegan products.  All musk notes are either botanical accords or synthetic and are vegan.

4) Where is the best place to wear a fragrance?

There are many answers to this… and it very much depends on your taste and style.  I find that the best places to apply a fragrance are these: on the back of the neck as this is an intimate place to be sniffed and your hair may absorb some of the scent, but it is not behind the ears as this is a very sensitive place to apply fragrance; in the crook of the elbow (not the wrists) as it is a lovely pulse point but you might wash the scent off easily of it is on the wrists; and lastly just over the heart.  This is your biggest pulse point and one of the warmest parts of your body to release the scent.  It is also under your own nose so you are more likely to notice if you have applied too much.

5) How do I get a coupon?

Write a review for one of our scents, and receive a 10% coupon code .  (FYI: These codes can not be combined with other coupons).

Or join:      the DSH Perfumes FWB* Club     (* Fragrance with Benefits)

How does this it work?  It’s easy.

Write 5 reviews of our products to receive a permanent (and individual) 10% discount code that can be used on anything at our site (even sale items!).  And if you keep reviewing more products after the first 5, for every review you will receive an entry into our monthly drawing to win surprise products (full sizes of favorite scents as well as organic bath and body, limited editions, sampler sets, room scents, and more!)



6) What can and can not ship to destinations outside of the continuous US?

We can legally ship Oil Essences, Bath & Body Products, Water-based products (such as room spray), and “Voile” products, due to their high flashpoints.

  • Alcohol based products (Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Perfume / Extrait) can only ship within the continental US using ground shipping methods. Any international orders or orders outside of the continental US shipping area that include alcohol based products will automatically have the format changed to the “Voile” equivalent where possible or have these items deleted from the order and have refunds issued where needed if the “Voile” equivalent is unavailable.
  • Depending on how big and heavy your items are to ship overseas, we will adjust your shipping rate accordingly. Any adjustment must happen after checkout.  The flat rate is $55; however we will refund any extra charges beyond the actual shipping costs.  ( Examples: just samples usually cost around $15 to ship overseas; larger orders estimate around $35; bath and body products and fragrances, usually around $55 or more).

If you have any questions or need assistance concerning international shipping, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

*** November 2017: UPDATE to International Shipping:

Due to new restrictions either prohibiting all “perfume products”, liquids, or due to sanctions, we can no longer ship to the following countries: Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Ukraine.  We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and will keep updating this as times goes on.  Hopefully come of these issues will resolve.


7) What are the current shipping rates for US shipping addresses?

Our shipping rates are based on product totals.  The current rates (as of 2/2018) are as follows:
(Product totals = shipping rate)
$0-$20 = $5
$20.01-$50 = $8
$50.01-$100 = $11.50
$100.01-$150 = $13.50
$150.01- $200 = $16
$200.01 +  =  free shipping

8) Do you offer expedited shipping?

Not all products can be shipped via air transport so if you need a rush order, please contact us for expedited shipping availability and prices.  ***Extra shipping charges MUST BE PREPAID before we will ship.



9) What is your Return Policy?

As perfumes and body care products are personal care products, we do not accept returns on our products.  We wish everyone to feel great about their DSH Perfumes products and so we offer a VERY extensive array of samples so that you can try something on your skin, and in your life before investing  in a full size.  We ALWAYS recommend that you order a sample of a new fragrance before purchasing a full size.