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When we created this site, we had a ‘paring down’ of our site in mind so as to be less overwhelming to the newcomer (although we’ve already grown again by leaps and bounds…). Of course, Dawn is such a prolific artist that we’ve quickly built up our offerings; that just seems to be her nature. {Create! Create! Create!}

Even with so many designs available, we regularly have inquiries about perfumes not currently listed at the site but still available through our studio via special order. So, Dawn thought that by archiving some these scents and even some that are currently on the site, it might be easier to find the treasure you are looking for and know that it’s still available. Thus, the DSH Archives are born.

**** DSH Perfumes Archive designs are available via special order ****

2017 Addition:  The Retrograde Files :: When Mercury periodically goes ‘retrograde’, we look to the past (Archives) to see what to make new again.  These designs are a remix of a scents we had to stop making as the ingredients weren’t available any longer, etc., but now we’ve seen clear to envision them in a whole new light.

* The remnants of the former designs may be available by special order through the Essense Studio, hence these listings seemed appropriate for cataloging at the Archives as well.

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Showing all 14 results