Figue Interdite :: Les Fruits Défendus vol.1

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An exotic all-botanical green, fruity, floral fig fragrance with milky nuances in the heart and woody / botanical musks in the drydown.


About This Product

Ever since the ancient world, Figs and Fig Trees have been discussed, beloved, even revered for their profuse fruition and sensuality.  In the world of modern fragrance, fig might find its way into perfumes designed for women, perhaps for its fruity qualities, more so than fragrance designed for men, but to the Ancients, the fig is associated with men and specifically, men’s sexuality.

There are wonderful textural delights to be had as well as gloriously original aromas when cozying up to a fig tree; a slightly rough but fuzzy skin to the bark, leaves, and even the fruit that is vaguely reminiscent of skin juxtapose a silky sweet and milky caress found in the supple fruit and sap.   The prodigious fruit, with that characteristic shape, adds to the reflections on sex and reproduction; as well as sustenance, fulfillment, and pleasure.

The challenge to create an all-botanical fig fragrance that encapsulates the concepts inherent in “The Forbidden Fruit” series was great… and delightful.   With Figue Interdite, I felt I wanted everything present: the tree, the leaves, and the glorious fruit, filled with sensuous beauty and a rare exoticism.  For me it’s an elixir that’s sexy, vibrant, and ever whispering the secrets of the Ancients.

100% Botanical

* EdP / VdP sample vials are 1/2 filled; 1 ml Perfume / Extrait  or Voile Parfum  mini roller ball vials are filled.

**FYI: the Voile de Parfum format is created with IPM, which is not considered a natural product.  However, it is the only format that is ship-able for International orders as it is non-flammable by Dangerous Goods standards.  EdP, which uses natural alcohol, is considered a Dangerous Good, due to it’s flammability and can not be shipped outside of the continental US.

***Note: The notes listed in the “ingredient” categories are all botanical accords.  Some mention it specifically and others do not in that list, but they are all natural isolates/ melanges.

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3 reviews for Figue Interdite :: Les Fruits Défendus vol.1

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a superior interpretation of fig, both the foliage and the fruit. The fig trees in my neighborhood have been heavy-laden this July, beckoning entry under the canopies between their branches. And although there are many fig perfumes out there in the world that replicate these leafy environments, they often lack the nuances, as well as the ‘grassy’ after-scent, that Figue Interdit provides. Dawn’s artistry has once again captivated my imagination.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dawn created an extraordinary fig scent. It has sharp bitterness in the opening which is almost grassy. Overall character of this perfume is definitely fruity but there are so many different aspects which make it very interesting to experience on the skin. Since fig fragrances are not my favourites I am extra picky with them and Dawn’s Fig is quite daring so it really stands out from everything else with this note. It also smells green and fresh and I find it would be especially suitable for men.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a lovely version of fig. I asked my 21-year-old daughter to tell me what she smelled without knowing anything about the fragrance. She detected sweet, floral, fruit and smoky which is perfect.

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