Paper • White {a paper narcissus perfume}

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A bright sparkling green opening reveals a crepe-like paper / narcissus heart.   It’s a fresh, modern take on the Spring Narcissus concept that dries down to a soft, green chypre in the base.


About This Product

I’ve been obsessed by this perfume concept for quite some time.  I’ve let it gestate in my psyche for years, it seems, but the seed to plant it in reality finally came last Spring.  A wonderfully talented *perfume friend began creating paper flowers so lovely that they could take your breathe away.   It was then I saw it:  the paper narcissus.  The Paper White.

This fragrance is a bit of a play on words as the colloquial name for narcissus papyraceus is Paper White.  I love the scent of narcissus.  I love the smell of high quality paper.  It seemed like the perfect symmetry of players… so fun, whimsical, and yes, modern.

So, here you have it: a modern spring floral chypre with a fascinating paper note and a focus on narcissus flower.   It’s divine.


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4 reviews for Paper • White {a paper narcissus perfume}

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    caroldawson (verified owner)

    I adore the scent of narcissus, and jumped on the chance to try Dawn’s clever interpretation. What a beautiful reward! After enjoying it for a few days on its lovely own, this morning I tried layering it with her White Lilac (les blancs deux), and OMG! what a rich, complex, fresh floral and green combination now drifts up from my wrists. I strongly recommend both of these bewitching spring sensations, either alone or together, for a primal moment of joy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is other-worldly gorgeous! Its like burying your nose in the soft, gold-gilded green feathers of a magic peacock that has come to you in a dream…it is immensely lush, but delicately soft – it is a sheer veil of sparkling light on my skin. It is utterly unisex – extremely well blended too! Bravo Dawn!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    In the era of niche and exclusive perfumery we have that the focus on the richness and nobility of the raw materials is a recurring point in the releases. In recent years there is a search for materials that can demonstrate this and that have not yet been used exhaustively, which may explain why we have seen in the last 2 years the revival of interest in Narcissus flower, whose complex aromatic profile , sensual and unusual, and the cost of production and scarcity make it perfect for this job. Still, there are few perfumes that actually explore the scent of the flower as a centerpiece, least of all those who venture to explore other varieties within the same botanical genre.

    In this context, I was eager to smell the Dawn Spencer Hurwitz perfume which was inspired by a type of Narcissus known as Paper White, famous for its delicate white floral pattern and known to have a strong aromatic profile of indolic characteristic. Dawn comments that the creation of this perfume took a while and led to a synesthesia between the art of creating aromatic papers and the aroma of this variety of narcissus, a play with the double meaning of words. And the result does not dissapoint and enters directly into her hall of masterpieces, possessing what a Dawn Spencer Hurwitz perfume has the best: complexity, delicacy, sensuality and a timeless aroma.

    For a person enamored with the aroma of daffodils Paper White is a dream come true. The facets that are often lost in other creations of daffodils are preserved here, showing the complexity and delicacy of this noble flower. There is the indolic aspect of this variety of narcissus, but nothing that leaves the perfume extremely animalic. This aspect is balanced with the greener and wet side of the flower that is easily lost in many daffodil creations and the great star of the composition is the delicate and creamy floral aroma, which passes perfectly the two proposed directions, creating a white floral texture that remindes you of a fine, high quality paper. I feel this is helped by what seems to me to be a clever use of iris, which gives the earthy and vegetable texture just perfect for this and that helps to link with the chypre texture, which instead of stealing the scene serves as support for the daffodil to shine. Paper White may not explore in its marketing how expensive and luxurious the idea is, but I do not think this is necessary, a genuine artistic luxury reveals itself in a straightforward and simple way in a cohesive and well-done project like this. One of the best perfumes of narcissus availabe at this moment in the market.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this fragrance. Stays on my skin all day long .

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