Archives: no.2: Single Note Musk Oils

Single Musk note oils available by special order from our archives.

About This Product

Part 2:  Single Note Musk oils available via special order:

*1 dram oil essence pulse roller: $33

*1/3 oz oil essence pulse roller: $58.50

10 ml EdP or VdP perfume pen: $42
10 ml EdP or VdP spray: $42

30 ml EdP or VdP spray: $80
60 ml EdP or VdP spray: $145

Organic Shea Butter Creme 4.5 oz: $42

1 ml EdP or VdP sample vial: $6

Arabian Musk  (a crystalline modern musk; fresh but not soapy.  Lovely, subtle and unisex)
African Musk  (a dewy floral accent musk; delicate, but not faint)
Egyptian Musk  (a “middle” musk; not too light, not too deep.  Slightly powdery, subtle and unisex)
Oriental Musk  (a powdery-floral, “retro” musk.  Lovely, clean, but not soapy)
Tibetan Musk  (a crystalline modern musk; fresh with a hint of citrus, and a sweet undertone.  Unisex)
Tunisian Musk (a fruity modern musk; fresh, and sweet.  A standard “white musk” note; unisex)
Turkish Musk  (a warm, and subtle musk; deeper than Egyptian musk with accents of tea, and tobacco. Unisex)

**If there is a scent from our archives that you might be interested in special ordering, please just contact us via email or by calling the studio at:  1-720-563-0344.