Aqua Admirabilis (aka Eau de Cologne)

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A highly traditional, all botanical eau de cologne formula that is refreshing, citrussy and with subtle green herbal nuances in the topnote.  As hydrosols have been used along with alcohol, this perfume has an added liveliness that imparts a ‘just showered’ feeling.


About This Product

Simply one of the most popular fragrances of all time! Eau de Cologne was originally called ‘Aqua Admirabilis’ by it’s creator Gian-Paolo Feminis, an Italian perfumer working in Cologne, Germany. French Soldiers and travelers brought the “water of Cologne” back to France and a classic was born. This light, clean and elegant scent was an essential for any 18th Century “Toilette” and has been admired through the ages by the stylish and refined Louis XIV, Marquise de Pompadour and Napoleon I.

100% Botanical Perfume.

* EdC / VdT sample vials are 1/2 filled; perfume / extrait mini roller vials are full.

**FYI: the Voile de Toilette format is created with IPM, which is not considered a natural product.  However, it is the only format that is ship-able for International orders as it is non-flammable by Dangerous Goods standards.  EdT, which uses natural alcohol, is considered a Dangerous Good, due to it’s flammability and can not be shipped outside of the continental US.


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4 reviews for Aqua Admirabilis (aka Eau de Cologne)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine’s Day. We’ve been looking for a botanical based cologne for a long time, and this was perfect. He wanted something with a lemon undertone to it and this works great. Not overly citrusy, just a hint and not feminine. Love it!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    Ladies, Aqua Admirabilis is great for us girls, too. I’m sitting on a lovely balcony overlooking Banderas Bay, in Puerto Vallarta. My latest purchase from DSH arrived just in time for me to pack for my south-of-the-border vacation. Now I’m enjoying Aqua Admirabilis’ clean, dry scent – my absolute favorite for hot weather.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    If you think of the 4711 in the peacock blue bottle when someone says “Eau de Cologne”, you will either be very disappointed or very surprised when you try this scent – it is NOTHING like the 4711.

    The first application of this scent smells of warm lemon-water to me, but quickly warms up and morphs with lavender and something that is slightly woodsy-smelling. Fully developed, the final scent is very clean and light, and definitely works differently on a man’s skin that a woman’s. While I was left smelling more of lavender and lemons, my male guinea pig smelled more of a deeper lemon mixed with the woodsy scent; quite delicious!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Aqua Admirabilis is one of the very best of the classic eau de colognes, which proliferate in the market place. Almost every design and perfume house has one to market. The scent never goes out of style and the ingredients are easy to obtain. From Hungary Water to 4711 to Roger and Gallet’s Farina right up to Eau de Givenchy and the like, the basic eau de cologne has always been with us.

    What sets DSH’s apart from most is the attention given to the heart ingredients of petitgrain, lavender and rosemary. This gives it a Mediterranean Italian feel, anchoring the lovely citrus notes of bergamot, orange and lemon.

    Classy, sophisticated, dry and sensual. Perfection.

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