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Summer Naturals :: New all botanical designs

It’s no surprise that when Summer rolls around my mind and body head straight out to the garden… to dig in the dirt and commune with nature, but also to find inspiration.  I love the herbs, the glorious flowers, the tomatoes… the entire concert of fragrances and feelings that wash over me.

So, for this late summer season of releases I had a series of naturals in mind.  It’s been a little while since I’ve had occasion to give in to my urge to work in the all -natural palette and as I started working in a few different directions, a number of designs all came together at once… to make up what is now being released for you right now.


Les Fruits Defendus  – part 1

Let’s start here, since I have been working on this concept and some of these perfume designs the longest.   For some time I’ve had it swimming around in my psyche to design around the idea of “forbidden fruits” as I take a lot of inspiration from dreams and perceptions I have about the ancients.  I wonder about their world, the myths and philosophies that come to us from earlier times, and how can experience it in our time and place.  Touching the forbidden is always alluring as well; fascinating and wonderfully naughty.  I like this.

As I began to research what exactly is meant by forbidden fruits I was surprised and delighted to find out that there are many fruits on the list for various reasons.  This sparked my interest even more, and what I thought would be just a handful of designs will now be presented in 3 parts; each with 3 fragrances.

I present to you part 1:   Figue Interdite, Bakul Medjool, and Eau Cerise.  ( click on the links to learn about each perfume ).  Bon Apetit!






Summer Cologne

You all may have guessed how much I adore the cologne / eau fraiche style of perfume… especially for summer.  I never tire of the citrus / leafy green / neroli  dynamic but I have to say that I’m also always searching for something new… some new way to approach it, new materials, new inspirations.  For Summer Cologne I must give credit where credit is due and thank YOU, my dear clients for speaking up and asking for a fresh, green tomato / all botanical *cologne.  In creating this for you I got to have so much fun!  As well as frolic in my garden, testing and experimenting with my tomato plants.  To, me this truly is the epitome of “Summer in a Bottle”.   (*  It’s in the “cologne style” but the concentration of Summer Cologne is much more saturated than is traditional; it’s eau de parfum strength).



Lis Oriental


People often ask me is I am inspired to make a perfume just from a material that comes across my horizon and most often the answer is no.  While I truly love all of my materials and I find some so intrinsically beautiful that I practically swoon, I don’t usually smell and material and start thinking of the fragrance I would like to design around it.  My mind doesn’t usually work this way.   Lis Oriental is the exception.

Many of you may know that there is no essential oil / absolute / co2 extraction for lily; neither muguet (lily of the valley) nor larger lily types.  Lily perfumes are always constructed and usually made synthetic molecules.  Until now.  There is a French company creating wonderful isolated molecules and unique extractions of botanical materials and it is one such extraction that started my inspiration to create an all-botanical Lily fragrance.  But it wasn’t just this material, called Lisylang, which stole my heart.  Almost simultaneously to encountering Lisylang, I came across a medicinal essential oil whose colloquial  name is ‘Gingerlily’.  It does smell ginger-y but a lot less lily-like than the name would imply.  I was intrigued.  Then I came across a palm essential oil from Madagascar which also piqued my interest.  On its own it’s a little strange… but I could see that it had an interesting humid facet and also had a ‘pithy’, fibrous green quality that might enhance an exotic perfume that might be in danger of getting too sweet or over powering.

I decided to go for a truly tropical, exotic “Eastern Lily”, all botanical perfume.  I don’t think it’s been done before; if it has, I don’t know about it.  Plus, I love a challenge.  🙂

What came is Lis Oriental, a mix of sensory impressions from the stargazer, casablanca, and madonna lilies.  It’s spicy, humid, lush, and rich with, for me, a wonderful pop of green in the topnote which keep this perfume from getting out of control.  It’s filled with unusual naturals that I rarely get to employ in a perfume.  I hope that you’ll love it as I do! <3