Musc Eau Natural {a botanical musk perfume}

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A lush and sensual, delicately balanced all botanical musk design.  It’s creamy, mildly animalic, and interestingly vegetal, too. A true delicacy.

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About This Product

** For a limited time only :: a new batch is available of our acclaimed all botanical musk fragrance: Musc Eau Natural.

Designed in a kind of “iron chef” manner for a natural perfume competition, Musc Eau Natural is back for a limited engagement as it was showcased in a talk given by DSH at this year’s Art and Olfaction Experimental Scent Summit in London.


The Original Task: create an all botanical musk fragrance out of a limited palette of natural ingredients that have similar molecular structure to deer musk or have a “musky” quality about them.  The Result: a unique take on the age old love affair with the skin enhancing fragrance of musk… from an all botanical, vegan source.

100% Botanical.

Voile de Parfum sample vials are 1/2 filled, whereas Extrait sample vials are full, 1 ml mini roller vials.

*FYI: the Voile de Parfum format is created with IPM, which is not considered a natural product.  However, it is the only format that is ship-able for International orders as it is non-flammable by Dangerous Goods standards.  EdP, which uses natural alcohol, is considered a Dangerous Good, due to it’s flammability and can not be shipped outside of the continental US.


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1 dram miniature flask – Extrait / Perfume, 1 dram miniature flask – Voile de Parfum, 10 ml VdP perfume pen pulse roller, 3 ml deluxe sample spray – Voile de Parfum, 30 ml Voile de Parfum spray, 5 ml Antique Presentation Extrait / Perfume, 8 ml Antique Presentation Extrait / Perfume, sample vial – Extrait / PERFUME, sample vial – Voile de Parfum

1 review for Musc Eau Natural {a botanical musk perfume}

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My first impression when I put this on was “wow, this is a strong musk.” But then an hour (!) later when I smelled it, the scent had dried down to an absolutely wonderful powdery scent that I could happily surround myself in all day.

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