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Our annual THANK YOU SALE is ON!

Please enjoy our  gift of *20% off from now through 1/9/17 with sale code: thanks2016   Thank you for being there for us; we have immense gratitude for you.  And with gratitude, there’s more:



HOLIDAY GIFT with purchase * (December Special ends 12/31/16)
With every purchase of $100 or more receive a complimentary 10 ml spray of our most popular fragrance, Special Formula X.  It makes a great gift (for you or anyone on your list!) ~
Just spreadin’ the love.



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DSH Summer SALE :: extended :)

Due to the crazy summer bug going around Boulder, we’ve all been a bit under the weather here at the studio.  What that ends up meaning is that we’re moving slower than usual for our Summer Sale.  So, we’ve decided to extend the sale for an extra week to allow your parcels to arrive (many with samples) and when you fall in love, you can still re-order before the sale ends.  (Yes;  We really love you).

Sale for 15% off* (everything except Scent of Hope) now until midnight on July 15, 2016.  code:  lovejune16


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the CHROMA Collection relaunch & re-vision 2016


 THE CHROMA COLLECTION Relaunch and 3 NEW aroma-colors

It is incredibly exciting to announce the much anticipated release of our three NEW aroma-colors: Hansa Yellow, Mars Violet, and Ultramarine Blue along with some beautifully updated and expanded designs for The Color Orange, and Umber: bois de rose.

We have been working for quite some time on a packaging update (images to come in the first week of May) to give the CHROMA collection a more “modern art” feel with color fields on the bottles and a unique, minimalist look, while still feeling like DSH.  And as is so often the case, as the imagery changed, new materials that spoke to the original intent of the designs came into the studio to allow for subtle shifts and elucidations of the fragrances.

Updates: The Color Orange, the pop-art, Rothko inspired unisex fragrance now has an enhanced brightness with notes of orange essence (distilled juice!) and is made eve fuller with the addition of subtle saffron.  Umber: bois de rose, was brought into a fuller focus with the addition of a new rose note that further marries the balsamic qualities of rose with the woody elements in rosewood and the moody nuances of the eglantine leaves in the topnote.  What comes out is a richer, warmer feel with a bit more focus on the rose to wood relationship.

What’s NEW: We have been slowly releasing preview samples of Hansa Yellow and Mars Violet ever since we created them for Denver Art Museum in 2014…it’s finally time to show them to the world along with the brand new Ultramarine Blue.

Hansa Yellow is one of the most brilliantly happy and uplifting fragrances that you will ever encounter!  Heartening as a ray of sunshine, Hansa Yellow sings with notes of lemon, Tunisian neroli, jasmine grandiflorum, orange blossom absolute, Australian sandalwood, and vanilla bean along with artful twists of green banana peel and butter co2 (!).  I feel better every time I take a whiff of this stuff!

Mars Violet is unlike any design we have done.  It’s got a lot in common with the ever popular “fruit-chouli” style of oriental, but it’s balsamic and slight gourmand leanings in the drydown make it stand apart.  Notes of plum, osmanthus, tobacco, patchouli, brown oakmoss, tolu balsam, tonka bean, oude, and fossil amber.

Ultramarine Blue is another thing altogether.  What I love about this design is that it seems very familiar but not exactly…  It’s a fresh take on the ozone/aquatic eau fraiche theme with notes of ozone / marine, petitgrain, bergamot, chamomile, cassis bud, ambergris, and musk.  It’s light and airy but with a sense that the ‘waters run deep…and turbulent.  This shade of blue is one of my favorites because it is at once comforting and unsettling; the fragrance feels the same to me.  (The phrase ‘curiouser and curiouser’ came to mind many times in the process of designing this fragrance).

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DSH at the AIX Scent Fair :: Los Angeles May 7 & 8



Dawn will be in Los Angeles in the first week of May– not only to be at the Art and Olfaction awards ceremony but also at the AIX Scent Fair at the Hammer Museum! She will be showcasing a few of her most recent collaboration collections with Denver Art Museum: the Brilliant Collection, Giverny in Bloom, and the launch of the new CHROMA collection designs. There will be 40 exhibitors of artisan, independent, and experimental scent makers / olfactory artists. This is the first of it’s kind; a Scent Fair at a contemporary art museum…and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it. If you are from the LA area or happen to be traveling through on Mother’s Day weekend, please stop in, say hi, and give a sniff around. {Admission is free!} Click the link to get more info from the Hammer Museum’s facebook page.

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DSH March Newsletter : : La Belle Saison & May we have your Vote?

Happy Spring!

We’re so thrilled that Spring is officially here… so to create the perfect mood we’ve released our first floral of the year, a tribute to “the Beautiful Season” and lovely lilacs: La Belle Saison.  And of course, what comes with March is the voting for the “Best of Boulder”. We humbly ask for your vote.


La Belle Saison: The Most Beautiful Season

For me, I await the arrival of of the lilacs each and every year… and for the past five seasons, I have been working on creating something quite special and rare: an all botanical lilac perfume.

Lilacs, as lovely as they are and profoundly scented, do not yield their essence through the usual methods of extraction.  And so it’s usually synthetic lilac notes that are used to create lilac perfume designs.  I wanted something different; and a real challenge to create.

What came from my explorations is a delightfully fresh and airy Spring bouquet that gives the feel and impression of lilacs in bloom among the moisture and other blooming flowers that accompany the season. It is less a photographic ‘portrait’ of lilacs but rather like a painting that expresses the feeling as well as the scent of lilac; of Spring’s freshness.   Unlike one of DSH’s best selling Spring florals, mixed-media perfume “White Lilac“,  La Belle Saison is intended to speak to a the purist, who is searching for an all botanical lilac fragrance.

La Belle Saison opens with notes of natural cucumber, bergamot, and anise to open into the floral lilac (accord) bouquet in the heart.  Hints of neroli, jasmine grandiflorum, Bulgarian rose, and subtle spice notes glow softly in the heart giving a sense of dimension and space to the bouquet as it sets itself down on the dewy ground of vetiver, ambrette seed, and acacia honey.

As this is an all natural design created of rare and hard to find materials, we are initially offering La Belle Saison as a signed and numbered limited editions.  There will be 50 / 5 ml Extrait Parfum in Antique French flacons, and 30 / 15 ml.  Samples are also available for $23.

I hope that you will love it as I do.



May we have your vote?

To our friends, family and fans: it’s the annual BEST of BOULDER voting time… until March 31st, 2016.

Please take a few minutes to go HERE (which is the Boulder Weekly’s survey site).  They’re asking for everyone to vote on at least 25 questions, but we’ll make it easy for you.   Here’s about 30 recommendations for restaurants, arts & entertainment, and wellness we love and I’m sure that they would love to have your vote as well.  (Of course, if you have other favorites, please by all means vote with your heart!)

As you can imagine, we’re hoping that you will vote for us in our categories:

#119: Best Bath & Body Shop : Essence Studio
#137: Best Green Business: (write in) : Essence Studio
#143: Best Independent Business: (write in): Essence Studio

Here’s our recommendations for some of the other 22 questions:
Restaurants (we are FOODIES and love Coffee Houses…):

American Restaurant: Shine
Tapas: the Kitchen
Bagel: Moe’s
Breakfast: Lucille’s
Brunch: Dushanbe Teahouse
Business Lunch: Shine
Chinese: Five Spice
Fine Dining: the Kitchen
Indian: JaiPur
Italian: Bacco
Japanese: Sushi Zanami/ Amu
Organic: Shine
Overall: the Kitchen
Pizza slice: Abo’s
Sandwich: Snarf’s
Sushi: Sushi Zanmai/ Amu
Vegetarian: Shine
Coffee House: The Laughing Goat
Cup of Coffee: Amante
Latte / Mocha: Amante

Best Festival: Boulder International Fringe Festival
Best Jazz Venue: the Laughing Goat
Art Gallery: Art + Soul
Museum: BMoCA or (write in): the ArtScent Museum
Acupuncture: (write in): Living Creative Wellness
Massage: (write in): Living Creative Wellness
Jewelry: Angie Star

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to vote!  It really means a lot to us.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dawn, Mary, Amber, Edwin, Maria, and Chloe

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DSH Trunk Show and the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon :: March 4 & 5

On Saturday, March 5, 2016 our store WILL BE CLOSED as we will be at the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon.  So, if you will be in the Bay Area this weekend, it’s not to be missed!

You can read all about it at CaFleurebon here.  On top of that, Dawn will be doing a Trunk Show at Tigerlily Perfumery on Friday evening and introducing her newest botanical creation: La Belle Saison (an impressionist vision of lilac and the refreshing blossoms of Spring).

You can check out all of the info for the Tigerlily Event at our facebook page and here.

We hope to see you soon~~~

Happy March!

ox, Dawn & the team at DSH Perfumes

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DSH Archives {part I} : Soliflore Oil Essences & Single Note Musks

We’re really excited about presenting this new Archive series…  What is it? you may ask.

When we created this site, we had a ‘paring down’ of our site in mind so as to be less overwhelming to the newcomer (although we’ve already grown again by leaps and bounds…).  Of course, Dawn is such a prolific artist that we’ve quickly built up our offerings; that just seems to be her nature.  {Create! Create! Create!}

Even with so many designs available, we regularly have inquiries about perfumes not currently listed at the site but still available through our studio via special order. So, Dawn thought that by archiving some these scents and even some that are currently on the site, it might be easier to find the treasure you are looking for and know that it’s still available.  Thus, the DSH Archives are born.

This post is just part I, and will start with Soliflore Oil Essences & Single Note Musks:

Archives Part I:  DSH soliflore oils available via special order:

*1 dram oil essence pulse roller: $32                                    *10 ml oil essence pulse roller : $58.50

Apple Blossom
Arabian Rose
Carnation, Spicy
Carnation, Soft
Egyptian Jasmine
Honeysuckle, Red
Honeysuckle, White
Kenya Lily
Lilac, Purple
Lilac, white
Muguet des Bois
Night Queen
Orange Blossom
Red Rose
Sweet Clover
Tea Rose
Tunisian Jasmine
Violet, African
Violet, English

Also available: “Soliflore” Musks:

Arabian Musk
African Musk
Egyptian Musk
Oriental Musk
Tibetan Musk
Tunisian Musk
Turkish Musk

**If there is a scent from our archives that you might be interested in special ordering, please just contact us via our contact page or by calling 1-720-563-0344.

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DSH Thank You and HOLIDAY SALE : update! We’re extending the SALE through December 19th

Hi DSH Perfumes friends, family, and fans!

We’ve had a number of emails asking about our sale, when it ends, etc and it look slike it would really be awesome if we’d extend it a few days to make life better for you… so we did!! 🙂

The SALE now runs through next Saturday, December 19 at midnight.  So for 20% off* use coupon code: sparkle15 at checkout!   We love and feel the gratitude for all of you!

oxox and Happy Holidays~


Dawn & the DSH Team

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The 2015 HOLIDAY Thank You SALE is ON!!!

Hurray!  It’s ON: the Annual Holiday Thank You SALE is live.   Get 20% off site wide (*excluding Scent of Hope) from now until December 14, 2015. use code: sparkle15
We’ll also be spreading the word in the coming days about our newest Fall and Holiday launches, so stay tuned!