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A rich floriental orange blossom – honey – oud fragrance with exotic notes of saffron, Arabian jasmine, and champaca.  Great for men and women.


About This Product

There have been many requests over the years that I create an orange blossom / honey fragrance but I could never seem to settle on the concept.  Until now.  Introducing: Habibi  (my beloved).  

Inspired by the Arabic term of endearment, I sought to bring aspects of Middle Eastern fragrance design into this Orange Blossom – Honey perfume by adding saffron, Arabian jasmine, and yes, oud.  The oud and saffron together create a fascinating leather accord that keeps Habibi in a floriental category rather than a super sweet gourmand, as the honey might imply.  The result is a fragrance that is sensuous and sexy, exotic and comfortingly familiar at the same time.  It’s truly beautiful.   

Oh yes, come to me, my beloved…



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3 reviews for Habibi

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I originally received this as a sample with another order before it was even listed on the site. I immediately loved it without knowing anything about what was in it. There is the hint of floral, a sweetness but yet an incense quality that takes it to a whole other place. Highly recommend!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    G (verified owner)

    I tried about 20 samples from DSH a few months ago and this is my second stunner. The first was Vanilla Botanique; Vanilla Botanique is gorgeous. Habibi is another stunner, for me–narcotic wet white jungle flowers at first application, then a saffron, pepper, gorgeous soft spice fills it out. Divine. Habibi is the very first floral that I will wear, I can’t wait to get a full bottle– I usually skew towards amber, spice, vanilla, woods, and incense

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Since Tom Ford conceived with Morillas and Cavallier the classic Yves Saint Laurent M7 the world of western perfumery has never been the same anymore. If in 2002 a creation with agarwood in thematic was new in 2017 it is a recurring and very lucrative fact. However, like many trends, the potential of combinations and effects with agarwood is never fully explored, and while there are a ton of releases there is still plenty of room to explore unusual harmonies such as the one in Habibi’s by indie perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

    For me it becomes somewhat curious how it was conceived, as Dawn mentions that its existence came from the numerous requests made to her over the years to create a scent of orange blossom. Habibi’s greatest asset (which translated would be my beloved) is precisely in the unusual wedding of the orange tree with the agarwood, adorned by the nuances of honey, saffron and Arabian jasmine.

    I remember the comment I read from a perfume expert on how the animalic aroma of agarwood could be used to exalt bouquets of white flowers and that is precisely what I perceive in Habibi. It is a perfume that makes more sense as the sum of its parts than its separate pieces: the sweet, citrusy, sweet-smelling aroma of the orange tree seen with an agarwood neither too animaly nor too amber, intertwined with boozy and leathery saffron nuances and with touches of honey, amber and jasmine. It’s an intricate design, as if Dawn put her classic French perfumery skills in favor of Arabic perfumery with a modern touch. It is passionate, it is complex, it is beautiful. I could describe and expand on its details, but Habibi is like love, it is an experience worth living and being understood rather than being described.

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