Gekkou Hanami (Sakura gazing in the Moonlight)


A luminous Spring-fresh scent with an exotic yuzu-infused sake note flowing into sakura blossoms, neroli, and down into a soft woody – incense base of cedar and frankincense.  Full-Moonlight captured.

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About This Product

In hand my clay cup,

sake, moonlight shines in it

pink snow falling down.

(haiku no.1;  Japan :: Moonlight series, 2017)


“Hanami” is the Japanese pastime of picnicking below the Sakura cherry trees while in blossom.  The act of gazing at the blossoms as they fall like snow is an essential moment of beauty, and death.  It is an integral experience for the Japanese culture.  It happens each Spring and represents the collective spirit of their lives, their connection to nature and the earth.

Gekkou Hanami takes this concept and esoteric meaning and expresses it in a fresh, Spring-like aroma suffused with classic Japanese cultural references: Sake, Yuzu, Osmanthus, Hinoki, and of course, Sakura Blossoms.  It is filled with cool radiant light but journeys into the night sky until it rests on the darker, more meditative notes of Frankincense, and Cedarwood.

*sample vials for EdP and VdP are 1/2 filled; perfume and voile parfum mini roller vials are filled.




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10 ml Art Deco / Antique Presentation Perfume Extract Flacon, 10 ml Eau de Parfum, 10 ml EdP perfume pen pulse roller, 10 ml VdP perfume pen pulse roller, 3 ml deluxe spray Voile de Parfum sample, 30 ml Voile de Parfum spray, 5 ml Voile Parfum Antique Presentation, 60 ml Voile de Parfum spray, sample vial – Eau de Parfum, sample vial – PERFUME, sample vial – Voile de Parfum, sample vial – Voile Parfum, 1 dram miniature flask – EdP, 1 oz. Eau de Parfum, 1/3 ounce oil essence pulse roller, 10 ml Eau de Parfum spray, 5 ml Antique PERFUME Presentation bottle, Bath and Body – Organic Bath/Body/Massage Oil – 2 oz, Bath and Body – Organic Bath/Body/Massage Oil – 4 oz, Bath and Body – Organic Body Lotion – 2 oz, Bath and Body – Organic Body Lotion – 4 oz, Bath and Body – Organic Body Wash – 2 oz, Bath and Body- Organic Body Wash- 4 oz., Bath and Body- Organic Shea Butter Body Creme – 4.5 oz.


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