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DSH Perfumes first releases of 2018: three new fragrances inspired by the Moon, Moonlight, and the Night Sky.

1  Shimotsuki  (Frosty Moon)


snow shimmering night

reflections, white on to white

frosty edged, moonlight.

(haiku no.4;  Japan :: Moonlight series)


Shimotsuki (pronounced: Shim-o-ski) is the final expression of the “moonlight series”, as seen through the Japanese aesthetic lens.  This design is meant to express winter, yes, but more importantly, the color, light, and feel of the full moon reflecting bright light onto fresh snow, in the dark, cold night.

Shimotsuki, like the other fragrances in this first haiku series,  takes the concept and esoteric meaning of ‘snow’ and ‘moon’ and expresses it in a contrasting, frosty opening note that develops into a soft, warm, and cashmere-like aroma suffused with classic Japanese cultural / aromatic references:  Yuzu, Seaweed, Mugwort, Hinoki, Rice, and of course, a subtle blossom: Hawthorn.  The fragrance is filled with a continuous sense of diffuse white, glowing light but as the night sky breaks to dawn, the new day brings forth a subtle warmth from within.  Notes of Orris, Sandalwood, and White Musk leave a silver-edged silky feel as the fragrance dries down.



2   Je Suis La Lune   (I am the Moon)

The moon is a never ending source of inspiration… to artists, writers, musicians, lovers, and it would seem, perfumers.  Je Suis La Lune, is another interesting take on expressing the moon or moonlight in fragrant terms, this time using one of the most famous nocturnal flowers: Jasmine.

“I have wanted to create some jasmine soliflores for some time”, says Perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, “but was looking for just the right inspiration to speak to the different sides of this star of classic perfumery.  The Moon, and its pearly light, felt like the perfect object to focus on to create a round, creamy, non-indolic jasmine floral”.
The result is a simply beautiful, quite tropical, jasmine soliflore with nuances of fruit, flower, milk, and spice.  There are even fragrance facets that speak to the famous California star jasmine, with its delicious gourmand spice qualities.  To wear this jasmine is to indeed say “ I am the Moon”.


3   Lilas de Minuit   (Midnight Lilac)


Lilas de Minuit is the second fragrance release in the newest series by DSH Perfumes: Flowers for Men.   Like the ‘honeysuckle for men’ (il Marinaio da Capri), Lilas de Minuit is based on a flower that is most often used in feminine fragrance designs: the lilac.  This time, DSH has turned her eyes (and nose) to the night sky to create a unique lilac, suffused with inky shadows, and the flowers’ narcotic spice tones that come out after dark.  Framed by a classic chypre (a nod to the early F. Coty design), Lilas de Minuit is both elegant, and sensuous.  It is the scent of a densely purple garden at midnight.