Become the Shaman {a palo santo perfume}

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A grounding ritual mix based on palo santo, copal, tobacco, and sappy milkweed.  The result is a lush forest of milky-woody incense, with spice-like hints, and smoke softly curling around you.
Great for men and women alike.

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About This Product

In an uncertain world we seek a place of safety, comfort, and peace.   In troubling times we seek out protection…sometimes through external talismans: an amulet, a symbol, an incantation.  But what if the power (and protection) we seek comes from within?  What if we all had access to a safe place filled with magic?

The invitation is to Become the Shaman.  You possess the strength and power to cast all ‘demons’ aside.  When you Become the Shaman, you find that true balance and power come from within.


Become the Shaman draws from the animist / nature-based spiritual traditions of native peoples of the Americas.  Palo Santo (“Holy Wood”) is the focal note for the design and is used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies.  White Sagebrush and Tobacco (used by Native Americans to cleanse and purify) as well as Copal resin (used by the Aztecs for magic and as a symbol of immortality during funerary ritual) are also called on to imbue the design with richness and protection.
I developed a milkweed accord to symbolize ‘transformation’, as it is a native plant to the New World and is the exclusive food of the migrating Monarch Butterfly.

Become the Shaman was inspired by the “Project Talisman / Eau de Protection” project launched at CaFleureBon.com to commemorate it’s Seventh Anniversary.  The Creative Director for the project is Michelyn Camen.  Thank you, Michelyn, for making this project possible and bringing the spark of inspiration for the creation of this fragrance.  A special thank you as well to Mary Schultz-Williams, for her apt naming of the fragrance (my working title was just “Shaman”) which brought the design into greater focus.  As always, Mary’s insight was spot on. <3


*EdP / VdP sample vials are 1/2 filled; Perfume / Extrait mini roller vials are full.

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1 review for Become the Shaman {a palo santo perfume}

  1. aahorner@pacbell.net
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I don’t know why there aren’t 50 positive reviews for this. This stuff is fabulous. Maybe the tobacco references put people off. I don’t smell tobacco at all, not cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco either. Or really vanilla either, althought it’s listed as being there. It’s an exotic wood fragrance, but different from all the ouds out there. Not a sage scent really either; at least not dry sage used as incense. More of a dry woody incense from a remote ashram somewhere. I bought a sample last summer and immediately bought a 10ml perfume pen. Even better now that winter’s finally here.

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