OUD in Chiaroscuro {Heirloom Elixir :: Limited Edition Gift Set}


A Special, Limited Edition Box Set for Holiday Season 2018: OUD in CHIAROSCURO.  The box set has a 60 ml Aoud Blanc and 60 ml Oudh Noir.  Signed and numbered.

Only 50 pieces will be produced.

About This Product

OUD in Chiaroscuro :: Black and White

As a fascination with all things OUD is one of the fragrant phenomenons of our time, it has inspired countless expressions of olfactory art and niche perfumes.  With all of this it might seem that everything oud has all been done before, right?  Well, maybe not.

For me, it felt perfect in every way to come to ‘OUD’ to express something new and distinct for the Holiday Edition of the new Heirloom Elixir collection.  I decided to create an ‘Oud Story’ as seen through the lens of the Italian artistic concept of Chiaroscuro (is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. It is also a technical term used by artists and art historians for the use of contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects and figures)*.    Oud’s ability to express unlimited gestures and attitudes, as well as unequaled opulence and refinery, was a wonderfully compelling inspiration.  Indeed, my aim was to create a sense of volume and dimensionality  as well as dramatic contrast between the two perfumes, and yet illustrate their relationship and even layer-ability.

As the name implies, the set includes an expression of ‘light’ or white oud (Aoud Blanc) and its ‘shadow’ or black side (Oudh Noir).   There’s no easy way to present all that the ‘oud spectrum’ has to offer in a 2 part set, considering all of the different genus, growing regions, and the varying grades of the natural oil, but to present it in such dramatic contrast is a rich and glorious experience.  I invite to you to dive in.

**only 50 pieces made; signed and numbered.

* definition from wikipedia


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