The Voices of Trees

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The essence of the forest: fresh conifers and green leafy deciduous trees mix with the scent of deep Autumn.  Based on my original Seve de Pin (pine sap) design with added notes of maple leaves, sycamore, and an expanded bark-y, pine amber accord in the drydown.

*98.5% Botanical

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About This Product

This is an autobiographical fragrance based on memories from my early childhood, when I experienced trees ‘speaking to me’.

The first time was when I was 4 years old and slept outdoors in a pine grove with my pre-school camp class.  The smell of the trees, lying on the fallen needles, and hearing the whisperings above my head are synonymous and intertwined in my consciousness.

Not much later I started smelling / hearing a siren-song which to this day stops me in my tracks.  In a black-dark thicket of trees that grows near a riverbank in my home town, the scent of sycamores wafted in the humid air, starting in mid-summer.  It was years before I found out what this ‘aromatic experience’ was and it is still a cherished moment when I smell (and hear) that beauty in the air.

As far back as I can remember I have loved the scent of pine needles, the early days of Autumn with soft rains and fallen maple leaves, balsams on the poplar trees, and the scent of dry amber stuck to the bark of conifers, warmed by the sun.  For me, this fragrance is pure pleasure…the embodiment of ‘the talking trees’.

* VdP / EdP vials are 1/2 filled; Perfume / Voile Parfum mini roller sample vials are full.

**FYI: the Voile de Parfum format is created with IPM, which is not considered a natural product.  However, it is the only format that is ship-able for International orders as it is non-flammable by Dangerous Goods standards.  EdP, which uses natural alcohol, is considered a Dangerous Good, due to it’s flammability and can not be shipped outside of the continental US.


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.5 oz Voile d’Extrait Antique Presentation, 10 ml EdP perfume pen pulse roller, 10 ml VdP perfume pen pulse roller, 3 ml deluxe spray Voile de Parfum sample, 4.5 oz organic shea butter creme, 60 ml Voile de Parfum spray, sample vial – Voile de Parfum, 1 dram miniature flask – EdP, 1 oz. Eau de Parfum, 10 ml Eau de Parfum spray, 5 ml Antique PERFUME Presentation bottle, individual sample vial – EdP, individual sample vial – PERFUME

2 reviews for The Voices of Trees

  1. mermaid444@live.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Voices of Trees is MAGNIFICENT!
    Dawn has captured the wildness, the soothing earthy vibration, the richness, the sensuousness, the texture, the aura, the voices, the very breath…………..of Trees.
    On the first whiff I was immediately grounded, and my vibration raised.
    I was transported to a wooded haven, sitting on soft mossy ground, with my back against a tall sumptuous pine tree; the wind whispering in the sky above me, secrets shared among the boughs of fragrant needles and tender leaves.
    This is a transformational aroma experience. Beautiful, rich, wild and woody. This aroma is a must have for the fall and winter, especially if you love the outdoors. And it’s not “just a pine scent.” There are woods, and spices and an incense note that will blow your mind. This aroma is sophisticated and complex! The descipt mentions “for men” but on women it seems to get a little sweeter. Voices of Trees is Divine and Sacred. A must have this holiday season – or any season!
    Amazing perfume!

  2. myzedheart@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Glorious in eau de parfum! As the many trees whisper and sing I’m feeling a little Greek, a little Druidic, a little American West.

    My pronouns are she/her/hers and I *adore* this unsweet but sweetly reassuring scent.

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