Maui {a tropical coconut/sandalwood scent – the retrograde files}

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Tropical Paradise: a super creamy but sheer coconut fragrance that seamlessly moves into a wonderfully lush sandalwood.  Only in the Hawaiian Islands.


About This Product

Here is the most perfect candidate for the retrograde files yet:  a creamy coconut scent just in time for Summer!    But here’s what makes this more than just a relaunch: it’s a re-imagining of the fragrance as seen through the lens of magical new materials that weren’t available when the first design was released in 2001.
Maui was always delicious, but now it is in every way worthy of it’s namesake island.  We’ve added glorious Hawaiian sandalwood as well as an utterly exotic natural coconut pulp co2 to make Maui stupendously creamy while giving it a sheer, breezy, tropical feel that is like lying in a hammock listening to the ocean waves.  A soft, blond wood accord in the base keeps Maui from going “pina colada” sweet, making it the perfect summer scent for both men and women alike.

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3 reviews for Maui {a tropical coconut/sandalwood scent – the retrograde files}

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    It is a sheer, not too sweet coconat. Tropical? Maybe but not Pina Colada…It wowed me! Just so pleasant, easy and chic. Perfect for summer because it is not too sweet but still has a summer vibe and kinda refreshing too. Very smooth, like how longlasting but at the same time delicate is.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    It is interesting how some simple fragrances within the perfumery are complex to reach, especially when it comes to the fruit aromas. As pleasant as they may be, reproductions of fruity aromas always run into technical limitations: sometimes you can reproduce the aroma, but you can not make it last. At other times it is even possible to make it last, but in doing so the more exotic nuances are distorted. And there is still the risk of the end result becoming something that from the design point of view is more appropriate for an exotic shampoo or body lotion than for a perfume itself. In that sense, Maui from indie perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz manages to escape all these pitfalls by setting out on the mission of creating a summer coconut scent.

    This perfume is part of a series of perfumer projects that are called Retrogade files, where Dawn returns in old projects and with her current experience and new materials available she is able to see the theme with other eyes. The perfumer’s mission here is to use new materials like hawaiian sandalwood and a natural co2 coconut pulp extraction to give more realism to the creamy and juicy aspect of the tropical fruity idea. And it can be said that what she promises to deliver is done to perfection.

    Perhaps of all the perfumes I have ever felt of the perfumer this is one of the most simple and direct, but I understand that this was a way of reproducing with fidelity and longevity the theme of the coconut. It is impossible not to think of coconut when spraying Maui on the skin, it is an ultra-realistic experience with the aroma of coconut. This is an interesting fruit because while there is a creamy and juicy aspect in its aroma there is a more lactonic and waxy side that borders the white floral aspect. These lactonic nuances also make the coconut a perfect companion for woods such as sandalwood, which has that nuance in its scent, so combining the two together is making a good tropical wedding. Somehow the perfumer has also managed to reproduce a nuance of coconut that is little explored, which is its driest and almost burned aspect, which you notice mainly in the bark or the flour that is made from the coconut.

    The perfume evolves fluidly and it is almost difficult to tell where the creamy, juicy and lactonic aroma of the coconut ends and the woody aroma of sandalwood begins. Maybe something I miss here is from an intermediate floral stage – maybe a jasmine or frangipani would be perfect in this tropical paradise. Still, the way Mauí was built besides being a bottled vacation is the perfect coconut perfume – ultra-exotic, complex and of an amazing duration on the skin. A simple project that is not easy to execute but delivers everything it promises.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carole Pitcher

    Today was the first truly beautiful day we’ve had on the east coast since winter ended. To celebrate, I tried Maui for the first time. What a perfect scent for what feels like the first day of summer! It starts with a very realistic coconut that smells more like the tropical fruit than any tanning spray I’ve tried ( and there have been many:). The coconut comes on strong but it mellows into a warm coconut glow within about 15 minutes. Soon after a faint hint of Sandlewood appears. After about an hour it was impossible for me to distinguish between the two main notes: they blended seamlessly into a warm ideal tropical summer. Sitting outside, reading a novel and smelling this fragrance made me have a practically perfect day. I highly recommend this to help recover from the winter blahs.

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