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Hello, Hello again :: Paper•White and Musc Eau Natural

Say hello to something really new: the scent of a ‘paper’ flower.  Paper• White.  It’s actually a bit of a play on words as the colloquial name of narcissus papyraceus is paper white… but this narcissus fragrance is so much more.  Designed around actual paper narcissus flowers (created for DSH by the amazing paper artist *Susie Baird) and dried ‘paper’ flower sculptures created by Dawn, the scent truly smells of bright, fresh, Springtime narcissus flowers and paper.
It’s delicate and yet has strength; angelic beauty and a devilish side.  And although it’s launch comes right along with Mother’s Day, it’s amazing on men’s skin.

We’re also delighted to present the first review of Paper•White (even before its official launch! 🙂  Thank you CaFleureBon!  <3

Another rarity is back for a limited time only :: Musc Eau Natural

We’ve made a new batch of the much requested and highly sought after Musc Eau Natural, specifically for Dawn’s recent talk given at the Experimental Scent Summit, London, founded by the Institute of Art and Olfaction.   This is a super exciting moment for anyone who loves an all botanical musk fragrance and something really unique.  There’s really no other perfume quite like it (even among DSH’s extensive collection of designs!).  There’s a limited amount so do get it while you can!   (You can check out Dawn’s DSH Notebook Blog posts to learn all about the original project that inspired the creation of this rare and gorgeous fragrance).

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*You can follow the work of paper artist Susie Baird on her Instagram account.