Rescue Kit {Calm & Awake set}


Originally co-created in 2011 with our partners in Japan, Undulate Labs, in response to the Tsunami Crisis.  We hoped to create relief: for the emotional and physical body as well as to raise funds to help with the rebuilding.

Now, in this climate of uncertainty and fatigue, we felt that the ‘rescue kit’ botanicals would be a great offering to help in our own daily lives.
Awake encourages feeling uplifted, energized, and present in the moment.  Calm encourages feeling relaxed, quieted, and centered.


sample vials are full, 1 ml oil essences.
the Rescue Kit contains a 10 ml oil  essence pulse roller of both aromas: Calm and Awake.
100% botanical

About This Product

The set of both Rescue Kit Aromatherapy remedy oils.

CaLm is an herbal inspired, centering aromatherapy oil to keep you calm and collected in any situation.

A_wake is a fresh and invigorating aromatherapy oil to keep you bright and in the moment.

Who doesn’t need *both* of these?


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