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Step one on the journey of exploring the deep, and somewhat vast olfactory world of DSH Perfumes!

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We’re here to help you get started exploring the encyclopedic world of DSH Perfumes

We’d love to help make your experience fun and filled with adventure (instead of overwhelmed) so we’ve put together some suggestions about how to dive in (or maybe just a dip a toe for now):

1) Discovery / Sampler Sets:
We realize that as an Artisan / Niche Perfumer, DSH is kind of an anomaly…as she has just so many designs to choose from!  That’s why we’ve curated and collected a fascinating number of perfumes into “Families of Fragrance” sets, “For Men” sets, as well as themed sets like our “Hidden Gems”, and “DSH Essential Classics” to help you get started.

If you’re a newbie, the best place to start is with our DSH Essential Classics samplers which are fragrances DSH is known for and are some of our most accessible and easy to wear (available in Discovery Sets as well as in the drop down below; just to make it easy).   If you’re feeling more adventurous and/or you know more about what you like or dislike, the curated sets of “ambers”, “vanillas”, “skin scents”, and “carnations”, for example, may be a great place to start as well.

2)  Explore Our Fragrances
There’s a pretty lengthy list of categories to filter through to find new fragrance ideas.  Everything from “Vanilla”, “Incense”, and “Rose” listings to “Vintage Style”, and “Effortless Chic” is there to help give you ideas about all of the different styles of scents available to you.  Just click on the category and see what’s in store.  If you are new to fragrances, it’s a good way to get to know all of the fragrance families and perfume descriptions.

There’s no better way to know if a fragrance is right for your body, heart, mind, and spirit as well as for your life than to sample it.  Our fragrances are complex and evolve over time as they dry down and react with your skin. A fragrance needs to be worn over the entire dry-down period before you can truly determine if it’s for you.   It’s like listening to music: you have to hear the song from the beginning through to the fade out to know if you want to hear it again (and hopefully again, and again, …)  We want to be sure you love it, which can take hours. Sampling allows you to know for sure. Always try before you buy. Always.

4) We’ll help you FIND YOUR ESSENSE
If you’ve looked, played, gone digging and still feel like you don’t know what to try; no problem.  Let us help you find your next perfume LOVE.   The “Find your Essense” discovery set is perfect for you.  Dawn and the perfume experts at the Essense Studio will hand pick 5 perfume samples based on information you share with us.  Check it out here.


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