Secrets of Egypt Discovery Set


Old Kingdom meets New Kingdom: the complete sampler set of the Secrets of Egypt collection.   Travel to antiquity in a bottle.


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This collection was designed in conjunction with a ‘conversation lecture’ entitled “Ancient Aromatics” given by DSH at the Denver Art Museum in September, 2010 as part of the museum’s exhibit KING TUT. To create these perfumes, DSH researched, re-created and re-formulated sacred temple perfumes as well as luxury perfumes from the ancient world. Limited Edition Mummy presentation bottles were created for DAM as well as specialized perfumes and unguent solids.

** Perfumes of the ancient world were made of all natural materials; mostly botanicals and some animal essences. In keeping with the authenticity of the materials, The Secrets of Egypt collection has been created using botanical, precious and rare essences with minor elements of synthetics to replicate the wine nuances.


The Secrets of Egypt Discovery Set includes a 1 ml vial of the Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette of each design (both Old Kingdom and New Kingdom scents): Arome d’Egypte, Cardamom & Khyphi, 1,000 Lilies, Sampsuchinon, Antiu, Keni, Megaleion, and Iridum.


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