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3.20.12: First new launch of 2012: Guimauve de Soie

A brand new design collaboration with Carrie Meredith from “eyeliner on a cat” blog is an abstraction of texture and synesthetic color (and a slight play on words: guimauve) which translates to “Silk Marshmallow”.

There’s a kind of dada-esque quality to the name, which I love, that speaks to the silky ‘texture’ of the fragrance and it’s overall “grey-blue-violet” tonality (connoted by the main orris note and is the ‘mauve’ reference). The odd (but wonderful) balance of orris – violet – animalic nuances counterbalanced with gourmand notes of anise and cocoa beans is quite unexpected. The gourmand aspects bring the idea of “marshmallow” into a new focus.

Guimauve de Soie is unlike anything else in my collections to date; I am very excited by this design and it’s such a pleasure to present it as my first original creation of 2012.

Happy Spring to all!  The violets are out en force today!