Haiku Series no.1 Discovery Set : Japan :: Moonlight


Discover the luminous perfumes of the Japan :: Moonlight :: Haiku series no.1 collection with a set of 1 ml EdP vials (Discovery Set) or 5 ml mini dram flasks (collection box) of each scent: Gekkou Hanami (Spring), Tsukiyo-en (Summer), Tsukimi (Autumn), and Shimotsuki (Winter).  (includes all 4 post cards for the series)


About This Product

The Discovery Set contains a full 1 ml sample vial  and the Collection Box contains a mini flask dram (Eau de Parfum) of each fragrance in the Haiku series no.1 collection:

Gekkou Hanami (Spring): A luminous Spring-fresh scent with an exotic yuzu-infused sake note flowing into sakura blossoms, neroli, and down into a soft woody – incense base of cedar and frankincense.  Full-Moonlight captured.

Tsukiyo-en (Summer): A diffuse and succulent Summer scent of green bamboo leaves, white tea, bathing herbs, and mikan fruit (citrus).   A Japanese tea garden by moonlight.

Tsukimi (Autumn): A softly wooded, subtly spiced Autumn gourmand scent that glows from within with warming notes of cardamom and sandalwood made luminous by rosewater and a light dusting of fig.

Shimotsuki (Winter): A delicate and snowy soft perfume with frosty freshness in the topnote, a contemplative hawthorn and orris heart, and dry woods in the base.





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