Fragrance Families Sample Pack: Florals no.5 : Irises & Violets


A discovery set of DSH Perfumes Violet and Iris based perfumes.

About This Product

Floral fragrance is the broadest category which varies widely from Spring green, fresh florals to heady, tropical florals to exotic spiced, woody, and even mossy floral styles.  Floral perfumes embody the sensuality and wonder of life itself.  They are romantic, sexy, and voluptuous.

The DSH Perfumes Florals (no.5) Sample Pack contains the following: Vers la Violette, Iridum, L’eau d’Iris, Parma Violet, and Scent of Hope.

* 1 ml vials in this sample pack are filled, except Scent of Hope (extrait) is filled with 5 drops.


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