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New from the “Letters to a Fellow Perfumer” series with Mandy Aftel , my floral – floral that morphed into a spiced plum chypre: Mirabella.

For those of you who do not know if this series, it has been a great honor to be invited to participate in creating a new perfume through a series of letters with Mandy Aftel.  As we both create all botanical perfumes (of course, I also create mixed media as well) I had originally though that it would be  a way to explore some unusual naturals and we would both design in this palette.  For me it was not to be; I ultimately decided on a small portion of synthetics to create the overall architecture and for Mandy, she needed to morph her ingredient list from the original concept.

You would think that it’s normal to realize that things don’t always turn out always as you planned, and that’s true in life, but for me and with perfume designs, they usually do.  Maybe that’s because I plan it all out so thoroughly in my head before formulation that they just do.  As this formulation project was such a different process for me I was actually pretty amazed at the result.  It’s not what I had planned ( a grand , classic floral- floral ) but I do love what I made (a sexy, autumnal  spiced plum chypre).

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