Wasabi Shiso


An unusual vegetal green and citrus scent in the eau de cologne style with a modern twist of piquant spiciness.


About This Product

Wasabi Shiso is one of those designs that people have been asking about over the years… (Can I get some more?  Are you completely out??)  but also came to mind along with a wind of inspiration.  So… introducing …or maybe it’s “check out the new face of”:  Wasabi Shiso.  It’s a new take on the eau de cologne concept of refreshing and citrus based scent with the modern trend towards vegetal and cool mixed with piquant.  Sounds interesting, right?

For anyone who doesn’t know about Shiso leaf, it’s used throughout Japanese cooking as a flavoring and garnish (you may have had this at a sushi bar) for it’s unique leafy green meets citrusy/zesty, and spicy scent/flavor.  Wasabi, the icy hot horseradish used in sushi, has a piquant, aetheric spiciness with an earthy bite.  Mixed together with other citrus and leafy green top notes, Wasabi Shiso bursts with freshness.  And to make things interesting, it rests on a resinous base of green tea, sandalwood, and incense.

The result is an amazing and unusual design that for me, feels totally uplifting, and frankly, addictive.

*EdT / VdT sample vials, as well as Voile Parfum mini roller vials, are full.

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