Ultramarine Blue

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A deceptively familiar yet curiously abstract watery, airy, refreshing, almost ‘cologne-like’ scent yet it’s mildly mineral-ish and earthy.  You think you know it… but you don’t.


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Cool. Primary. Curious.

The aroma-color based on an intensely deep, pure blue (with a subtle violet cast) artist hue.  Originally created by grinding lapis lazuli to a powder, Ultramarine Blue was once the most costly pigment used in painting.

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1 review for Ultramarine Blue

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Copied from my fragrantica review:

    There is nothing blue or marine or ultra about this. It’s green. It’s citrus. It is fantastic. I am reviewing this without looking at the note pyramid, so if I say some stupid stuff..oh well

    This is not your grandmothers galbanum… This is leafy not grassy. Vegetal but not dense. Light but deep. It’s a dark green leaf… juicy and aromatic on the outside, bitter sap in its veins. It’s the dense undergrowth of a rainforest… one plant reaching toward the light… dark and shaded leaves, crunched and rolled between your fingers. Make no mistake, you have not smelled green like this before. Fresh-spicy..like a geranium, pepper, vetiver combo just below the surface. HA! But not really. I smell cumin.. the type that give a sweaty smell… I fucking hate cumin. This smells amazing.. finally..FINALLY..someone knows how to add a hint for enhancement.

    Crashing halt. Too much leaf. …oh wait, no… in comes a citrus… like pettigrain or an orange tree twig…now, yes now, the balance… the peak of its performance about 3 hrs in. Gorgeous and unique crunched green leaves on one side, juicy non-sweet citrus on the other. Lasting for a citrus/green.

    Can’t even think of a comparison….Issey Miyake maybe L’eau D’Issey. … I prefer ultramarine…and it’s not even close. Less in your face Issey’ness… better balanced.. equally unique and appealing take on fresh green citrus.

    Ultramarine…… really???….of all the names, why that one? I’m selfishly happy this is off radar.

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