A spiced, fruity-floriental perfume with rich peach and fig leaf topnotes that blossom into a fiery heart of jasmine-tea, carnation, and nutmeg.  The drydown is a warm and enveloping base of amber, patchouli, clove tobacco, and musk.


About This Product

Fire in flower form.  A crazy, intoxicating frenzy of color adorning the fields and blossoming beautiful ‘paper-ribbon’ flowers for as far as the eye can see.  This is the image and inspiration for our Poppy perfume:  a riot of vibrancy infused with the spark of life itself.  Gorgeous.


Poppy (poem)

red   orange   fire   flower   bloom   •   rich   vibrant   sexy   life   mine   •   yellow    stars   blue   night   sky

cozy   warm   day   enveloping   •   romantic   lover   kisses   glow   •   opium   senses   dancing   abandon

seductive   intoxication   touch   •   spiritual   insight   heart   mystery   •   vermillion   candle   light   world

elegant   tapestry   body   soul   •   exotic   bohemian   journey   •   forbidden   smoky   fields   oriental   moon

POPPY                                                                                                                                                                    be   wild


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