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A multifaceted Peony soliflore perfume with a deep, lush rose-tinted drydown.

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Peony is as classic a Spring scent as there is.  Plus,  I love fresh peonies when they blossom in my garden…their elegant presence speaks of utter beauty and femininity.  This new Peony design is more than just the scent of the flower.  I wanted to give the wearer a sense of experience.

Peony starts at dawn with the dew still on the bud that hasn’t yet opened.  The deep green leaves of the plant and a bit of grass are present.  Then the peony opens and releases it’s delicate yet definite aroma and we experience the fullness of a fresh blossom.  As the perfume dries down it is dusk, and the peony has turned a bit more rose-like as the sun sets and a shadow covers the blossom as night falls.

*EdP / VdP sample vials are full.

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10 ml EdP perfume pen pulse roller, 10 ml VdP perfume pen pulse roller, 3 ml deluxe spray Voile de Parfum sample, 60 ml Voile de Parfum spray, individual sample vial – Voile de Parfum, 1 dram miniature flask – EdP, 1 oz. Eau de Parfum, 10 ml Eau de Parfum spray, individual sample vial – EdP

2 reviews for Peony

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    i purchased a sample of this & was blown away by the lovely floral essence! it has a fresh rose/peony fragrance that’s very easy to wear day or night & smells “just picked”. i’m going to be ordering this in the future.

    4 out of 5


    This is a peppery peony scent . I wish it had a bit more of the sweetness that is present int the full blooming peony flower.

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