Mars Violet

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Earthy and Otherworldly.

The aromatic equivalent of the painter’s hue, Mars Violet.  As an earth pigment, Mars Violet has a wonderful red-ish, brown-ish violet color; as a fragrance it’s an earthy, ‘fruit-chouli’ gourmand, with a subtle tobacco nuance in the base, that’s awesome for both men and women.  It’s sensual and fabulously unusual.


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A new addition to our CHROMA collection;  a 2015 Sadakichi Award finalist for the IAO’s Art + Olfaction awards.

*EdP / VdP sample vials are 1/2 filled.

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3 reviews for Mars Violet

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    embellishments_art (verified owner)

    I am 63 years old, and I have finally found “The One.” When I smell Mars Violet, not only do I smell the fruit-chouli, but I also get umami. Umami one of the five basic tastes-sweet, salt, sour, bitter. Never liking Patchouli as it reminds me of Hippies, but, then I have never smelled quality Patchouli. This is a scent I am unable to separate the ingredients-and I don’t care. I love Mars Violet.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    greygirl (verified owner)

    Such a challenge to review this fragrance! But I really, really wanted to share my thoughts on Mars Violet. It is SO unique, and I feel truly is The One for a certain type of woman. What type? I imagine that this would be Margo Channing’s perfume. Is there a scene in “All About Eve” where she’s siting at a vanity? Mars Violet should be on that tabletop. It has a strong vintage, old fashioned, this-is-what-a-lady-smells-like vibe. Also, in terms of longevity, it’s a beast. Still here after 8 hours. Is it for me? No. Mars Violet is classic glamour, and unapologetic, beautiful and quite bold. The fruit-chouli was too powerful for my taste, and I felt like I was under-dressed for its feminine yet buttoned-up presence. For someone else, though, this is destined to be a signature scent.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Carole Pitcher

    Body Chemistry is a strange and mysterious thing. For instance, I love the smell of Joy in the bottle and on my daughter it smells beautiful . On me, It smells truly terrible. I’m mentioning this because Mars Violet has a very unusual reaction to my chemistry. As soon as I put it on, I smelled carrots. A few minutes later I smelled celery . Then came an overwhelming scent of chicken broth. I basically was wearing a bowl of chicken soup flavored with salt and a few herbs I couldn’t quite identify. The viewer above described this as a Umami scent and it is the perfect description. On my wrist it smelled like soup but the chicken and vegetables were very fresh and savory. I rated it four stars because it is the most unusual pefume I’ve ever tried but it just doesn’t work for me. (though I did literally smell delicious :). I have a feeling that it would smell very different on someone else.

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