L’étole de Vison {The Mink Stole}


An elegant, glossy, and luxurious vintage style animalic fragrance that continues to explore ‘the fur accord’ with notes of Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, aldehydes, (subtle) green notes, and a glorious dose of Castoreum.


About This Product

The Mink Stole:  There were remnants of a glamorous life everywhere, but none held the fragrant memories like the mink stole.  It was soft as a dream, and endlessly sensuous…  It carried the scent of men, of women, and of course, the furry creature whose first ‘suit’ it was.  Subtle tones of face powder, starch from freshly laundered shirts, subtle bits of perspiration, hints of Turkish cigarettes, and the rush of stolen kisses: it was all there to be taken in.   When worn, the mink stole held a fascination that transcended words and gave us flickering glimpses of elegance, of love, and of luxury.

Here is another installment in “my menagerie”; this time inspired by fur as a garment, with some emphasis on the wearer… well, an imaginary wearer.  Like out of a dream or a distant memory, this retro-nouveau design is the glamorous mink stole with silk also caressing the skin beneath, and the ever so faint aroma(s) of the people wearing it.  It’s a study in the most glossy smooth fur and the sensation of wearing and feeling it.

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