Fragrance Families Sample Pack: Chypre : no. 1


The traditional Chypre family (pronounced sheep-ra) is characterized by the legendary Chypre perfume (by F.Coty) that has a bergamot top note, classic floral heart, and a rich mossy base note. Beyond the classic form, chypre fragrances also include dry, leathery perfumes, rich fruity chypres, fresh and green chypres as well as sensual animalic chypres. This family embodies elegance and sophistication.

About This Product

The DSH Perfumes Chypre (no.1) Discovery Set contains the following: Le Smoking, Mirabella, Pandora, Parfum de Luxe, Rose Vert, Vert Pour Madame, Twelfth Night, and Thé Vert.

* sample vials in Chypre sample pack no.1 are 1/2 filled.


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