Essenza dell’Ibisco {Heirloom 1, 2018}


A glorious fruity-floral-animalic tuberose fragrance.
The name translates to “Essence of Hibiscus”… but the name refers more to the vibrant color and lushness of the perfume. The ambrette seed plays the role of ‘hibiscus’ in this fragrance.

*Available through November 18


About This Product

One day while in conversation with my friend and colleague, Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief of CaFleureBon, I lamented that I will never get to every idea that I want to create written in my notebooks.  And a light went off.  She came up with a brilliant idea which right then and there became the nucleus of the Heirloom Elixir collection.   The Heirloom Elixir collection gives a new slant to the Limited Edition concept. As you may know, I have a tendency to be a very prolific artist… I seem to have an insatiable need to explore new ideas, consider strange & newly discovered materials, look at crazy, unusual designs, as well as classical interpretations of my own based on masterpieces of perfume history.    Here’s how it goes:

Every two months (or so), per year, we will release a new limited edition fragrance in numbered bottles. It will only be available for sale during the selected month period and once it’s gone, it’s gone… with one exception. * If you bought or were gifted one of our numbered bottles, we will keep a record, and you can contact us for refills*. So, if you fall madly in love with one of our Heirloom Elixir editions, it can still be YOURS long after the edition has closed. { How cool is that? }

In honor of Michelyn’s gift, we are dedicating the very first edition to her with the re-release of her all-time favorite DSH Perfume (from a 2006 limited edition collection): Essenza dell’Ibisco. As an opulent, fruity-floral tuberose perfume with rich incense and purring animalics in the base, Michelyn has long said that Essenza dell’Ibisco was ahead of its time. We both feel that now is the perfect time for Essenza dell’Ibisco to take center stage and wow the crowd.

I’m truly over the moon to be able to present Essenza dell’Ibisco and feel her sing anew on my own skin (and yours).


* Eau de Parfum sample vials are 1/2 filled; Perfume / extrait mini roller vials are full.
** for orders outside of the CONUS, Essenza dell’Ibisco will be formatted to Voile de Parfum / Voile Parfum.

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