What could be more summer-fresh than our sky blue tinted daisy scent?  An airy spin on a fresh, grapefruit-y floral gourmand.  It’s lively and softly sweet, with fresh and tropical fruit notes, green grass, as well as hints at warm candy floss mixed with fragrant woods in the drydown.


About This Product

bluedaisy: the innocent and playful smiling flower; friend of the fields with a sky blue cast.

Soft as the petals themselves, filled with light, fragrant breezes, and so happy.


bluedaisy (poem)

blue   green   white   frosty   silver   •   sleek   shimmering   hip   fluid   •   sexy   smart   gleaming   fresh

airy   wet   iridescent   shy   soft   •   creative   bright   cool   alluring   •   glistening   glam   smiling   face

juicy   sunshine   yellow   dew   •   deep   light    summer   sky   moon   •   luminous   spirited   sparkle

sassy   grown   child   flower   •   pure   playful   energy   radiant   •   clear   simple   daisy   be   young



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