Aoud Blanc {Heirloom 3, 2018 – OUD in Chiaroscuro Holiday Set}


A modern expression of the classic ‘Rose / Oud’ dynamic created to feel luminous, yet rich, sensuous, and opulent.  Notes of Ta’if rose, rare Indian sandalwood, multiple oud oils, and white suede.



About This Product

Walk into the light.  Yes, it’s beautiful in here; I feel glorious.

Aoud Blanc is decidedly light and modern, and yet quite ‘oud’ in character.  Even without the smoke.

I wanted to create something very wearable… just really joyful, and GORGEOUS.  For me, this meant accenting the fruity nuances, as well as the dry woody aspects of oud, pairing them with the traditional Ta’if rose, and providing a soft bed of white suede in the drydown to allow the animalic qualities to rest and feel peaceful.  The floral-animalic notes purr and murmur on your skin for hours… and you feel almost gilded in rose gold.

* Individual EdP / VdP sample vials are 1/2 filled; Perfume / Extrait sample vials are full as are the 1 ml vials in the OUD in CHIAROSCURO sample set.

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