Art Scent Museum

As a blossoming perfume historian and lover of ancient, vintage and niche perfumery, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has not only been fascinated by the masterpieces of perfume design but has been an avid collector of bottles and packages, artifacts (such as posters, advertising, catalogues, pamphlets, cards, etc) and especially the “juice” so as to understand all of the elements of perfumery.  What first developed into a fragrance library as a reference for students and enthusiasts to experience the great perfumes has grown into the concept of the Art Scent Museum.  That concept has led DSH to creating a small, jewel-box-like space in her Boulder-based design studio to house the new Museum. The space is hand painted entirely in gold and gives the sensation of walking into a sacred space, not unlike an Egyptian Pharaoh’s tomb.

“It was important to make the space feel opulent and transcendent; it had to be a palpable feeling of specialness. It IS special to come here and experience these fragrant treasures with us”, says DSH.

The official launch of the Art Scent Museum will be in the Spring of 2012.