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New SHIPPING regs means some delays for us! (A SLOW DOWN for the week of Sept 14 – Sept18, 2015)

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As regularly happens, some new regulations for shipping our products are coming down so it will take us a little time to get all of our ducks in a row.  We’re awaiting new shipping materials and labels to be in compliance so for the week of September 14- Sept 18 we may only be shipping bath & body and Voile de Parfum / Voile de Toilette orders.  Rest assured that we will be getting everyone’s orders out ASAP!

Thank you so much for your patience and be on the look out for new Fall launches coming out starting next week!  :)  We have lots of fabulous new designs to get you in the mood for darker days and cozier nights as Fall and Winter come around.  :)

DSH SUMMER SALE – extended to midnight on August 18!

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It’s August and the Dog Days of Summer have arrived bringing with them an impromptu summer sale (one of our only sales of the year).
Happiness, Sunshine, and All Good Things to you, our friends, family, and fans!

oxox, Dawn and the DSH Team

Summer SALE: use promotional code: summerbloom15 during checkout to enjoy 15% off site wide* through midnight, MST August 18, 2015.  This includes additional savings on our other “specials” items while supplies last.  (*exception: the Scent of Hope project is excluded).

DSH Perfumes at the 4th Annual San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon, this Sunday, March 15!

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We’re so excited to share that DSH will be appearing in person at the 4th Annual San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon.   Here is a link to the Facebook page for the Salon.  And here’s the information with details to help you get there.

The event is at the Fort Mason Center on Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm.  Not only will DSH be there showcasing her Brilliant Collection and some perennial favorite scents, but there will be 13 other fab artisan perfumers there.  If that weren’t enough the Salon is held in conjunction with the SF Artisan Chocolate Salon (!!).

Tickets are $20 and get you into both events.

** We also need to mention, that as DSH will be in San Francisco this weekend, the Essense Studio in Boulder will be CLOSED on SATURDAY, March 14.  Sorry for any inconvenience!




DSH Perfumes & The Essense Studio

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM Dawn, Mary, Amber, Edwin, and Xander at DSH / the Essense Studio!

This is our favorite newsletter of the year since it gives us the opportunity to wish everyone a fabulous Holiday Season & a wonderful NEW Year! Plus, it let’s us say thank you for making 2014 another creative and fragrant year for DSH by giving you, our beloved customers, a little gift of *20% off from now through 1/5/15 with sale code: cheer14.


YEAH!  It’s cybermonday and we’d like to offer a special :Get 4 free extra samples when you order today!   Just let us know what your requests are in the comments box during checkout.

We Love you & Happy Holidays!!

Introducing the Peace, Love, and Perfume (PLP) Project Perfumes!

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DSH PERFUMES for The PLP Project

The PLP Project, conceived and imagined by “GoodSmella’, Carlos J. Powell to commemorate the third anniversary of his beloved fragrance group, Peace Love and Perfume.  The PLP Project is an invitational compilation of unique fragrances created by artisan and indie perfumers based on this simple brief:  “Peace: a meditative incense fragrance;  Love: a sexy animalic fragrance; and Perfume: a traditional cologne with a twist on the concept.”

“I have to say that I love working with open-ended concepts,” says Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.  “It allows an artist to conjure the meaning behind the ideas and to form unique fragrance designs based on their own interpretation of the brief.”


DSH Peace is my meditative incense design that bridges East and West, incorporating notions of what “incense” means from a Japanese, Arabic, and a Monastic / Western perspective.  Peace also allowed me to use some rather unusual materials in the construction such as Bakul attar, Choya Ral, and Laotian Oud.  Of course, at the heart there is the traditional Frankincense and Myrrh resin accord layered with rich Rose de Mai and Orris.  For the top note I looked eastward to the aromatic Champaca Leaf.  The result is like something familiar, warm, and comforting mixed with a sense of wonder at what you are actually smelling.


For DSH Love I let my imagination go to a time and place when animalic perfumes reigned supreme: the early to mid-20th Century.  Of course, I included all four of the traditional animal notes: musk, civet, ambergris, and castoreum with added elements of botanical “animalics”, ambrette co2 and labdanum with a large dose of a rather new material, hyracium tincture (aka African Stone).  The heart is filled with indolic juhi jasmine, orange flower absolute, and gardenia balanced by a slightly sharp and spicy white pepper and aldehyde top note.  The result is a lush, provocative, and thoroughly sexy perfume.


Lastly, DSH Perfume is a rather unorthodox pairing of grapefruit, rhubarb, and cognac accented by a luscious tropical fruit accord with green notes of basil and pittosporum to create the “fresh cologne” aspect .  A vibrant jasmine heart dries down to a surprisingly creamy ambrette, guaiacwood, and vetiver finish.  This is definitely a modern twist on the ‘eau de cologne’ design concept.

We’re releasing 50 Limited Edition Extrait flacons (5 ml Antique presentations) of Peace and Love (retail price: $105); Perfume will also be released as a Limited Edition of 50, 10 ml spray flacons in Cologne Absolue strength (retail price: $48).

This is really exciting and we hope that you will love these new designs along with many of our upcoming Holiday releases!  Stay tuned…  oxo

ps: DSH Perfumes is on Instragram!  See these and lots of other behind the scenes images, too!  Follow us : dsh_artscent

September 11: Seve de Pin launches and Happy Birthday DSH SALE!

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Happy Birthday to Dawn!  To celebrate we’re having an impromptu SALE (Today through Midnight on Sunday, 9/14) at our site!  We’ll be launching Seve de Pin later today, so you can check that out as well as our new Cannabis Culture collection, or just about anything else at our site with 15% off.  :)  Celebrate DSH : sale coupon code is: birthday14  (*FYI: Scent of Hope is the only thing excluded from the sale).

We’ll be posting more about Seve de Pin later tonight, so stay tuned to that as well!  Here are links to two great reviews of Seve de Pin, even before the official launch, to check out:

at CaFleureBon:

at the Colognoisseur:

at Fragrantica:


Introducing the Cannabis Culture Collection

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We’ve been working on some really fun designs at the studio this summer and it’s time to launch them.


Introducing the Cannabis Culture collection.  Inspired by the landmark 2014 decision to legalize cannabis in Colorado, this four fragrance collection speaks to and of the cannabis (sub)culture that has been developing and thriving since the Jazz Age.  What was once a secret society is now open to the public.

Rocky Mountain High is a woody conifer fragrance with a ‘green smoke’ and an animalic skunk note in the drydown.

I Love You, Mary Jane is a flirtatious and fruity cannabis with all of it’s sticky-sweetness showing bright and beautiful.

Agrestic is a lovely fougere that conjures a sweeping hayfield countryside and the rural locales where many a plant is grown.

The Green House takes you right to the greenest seedlings and the hot house flowers growing side by side.  Humidity and the scent of dirt are wafting in the scented air.


DSH Perfumes SCENT OF HOPE Launches!

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This is exciting news indeed!  The much followed and awaited Scent of Hope is finally out and available on our site and at our shop, The Essense Studio in Boulder! :)

If you have longed to smell the fabled Iris Gris de Fath, you can rest easy as the Scent of Hope is a very true rendering (with modern materials) of this Vintage classic.  If you love Iris perfumes and you love Vintage, this is a must try.  And if you didn’t know, DSH will be donating 30% of the sales to Sense of Security, a Denver-based breast cancer organization that helps those undergoing treatment with their medical and living expenses.  It’s a great pleasure to give back to the community and to treat our fragrance community with a chance to smell (and smell of) a legend.  Enjoy!


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BIG APOLOGIES to anyone who stops by the ESSENSE STUDIO  / DSH Perfumes this SAT, June 28, as we will be closed for the day.  Dawn will be in Wellfleet  celebrating her 20th Wedding Anniversary.  We hope that this closure won’t inconvenience anyone who wanted to make a special trip and hope that we’ll see you again soon!

Spring 2014 : : the first three of four new perfumes

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There are always new designs that I am working on.  I never seem to feel completely satisfied and ready to put my materials down for any extended length of time.  I realize that I have way, way more designs available on my website than any reasonable person should have from a business standpoint but it seems that the artist gets her way just about all of the time where that is concerned.  I just can’t help myself. { So be it }.

So, here’s a sneak peak at some upcoming Spring delights.  These lovely flowers are among the first sensations of Springtime, once the snows have truly gone for another year.  They are the harbingers.  And I feel they are some of the most beloved of the Spring florals.


Peony is as classic a Spring scent as there is.  I have been creating and selling a relatively simple, straight forward peony perfume for my clients in Japan for the past 5 years or so.  It’s a very important flower to both the Japanese and Chinese as a symbol of health and prosperity and this “simplicity” is really quite approachable.  Plus,  I love fresh peonies when they blossom in my garden.  Their elegant presence speaks of utter beauty and femininity.

So, for this new Peony design I wanted to do more than just create the flower.  I wanted to give the wearer a sense of experience.  Peony starts at dawn with the dew still on the bud that hasn’t yet opened.  The deep green leaves of the plant and a bit of grass are present.  Then the peony opens and releases it’s delicate yet definite aroma and we experience the fullness of a fresh blossom.  As the perfume dries down it is dusk, and the peony has turned a bit more rose-like as the sun sets and a shadow covers the blossom as night falls.


White Lilac .   This *IS* one of the quintessential Spring aromas although not everyone has experienced white lilacs as opposed to the traditional light purple of even dark purple lilacs.  White lilacs tend to take on a more ethereal, dewy quality and even exhibit a subtle, sweet fruitiness in the first wafts.

A few years ago I started growing roses and lilacs specifically for research into the live plant scents as well as for their glorious aesthetics.  I have to admit that the white lilacs and the Persians are two of my most anticipated blooms.  I can never get enough of them and get just a little sad when they start to recede (even though that means Summer’s right around the corner here in Boulder).   To make a perfume based on these delicate flowers makes me really happy…I could get lost in this luscious but light, sweet lilac haze for sure.


Oranges.  Yes, it’s oranges.  Kind of the odd man out in terms of ‘getting into Spring flowers’ but there it is.  And these are fresh AND spiced.  No, it’s not a pomander (which is so Autumnal and looking toward the Holidays).  This is a new kind of Fire Opal.  It’s ORANGE; a bit fiery still but fresh, juicy and most of all lively.  Not that the older version wasn’t lovely and yes, lively, but I have wanted Fire Opal to be something more.  I guess I want to watch it blossom again.

The reworked Fire Opal is a fresher take; spiced and still tea – laced but with a whiff of warm earth and a noticeable green edge that the first version of Fire Opal didn’t have.  Strangely, it’s the whiff of warm earth that makes it all the more Spring to me. And the fresh juicy-ness mixed with green leaves.  It makes me feel elated and ready for adventure the same way that Springtime does.

** PS: We’re celebrating Spring with a SPRING SALE at the site .  Use coupon code bloom14 for 15% off through April 8.

image credit: I found the spring bike image here; peony image found here; white lilac image here; oranges image here